Get ready for the DI Summit 2021

Mark the date in your calendar now – Tuesday 28 September 1–6pm. The show will be streamed live from 3pm to 5pm.

Under the heading Land of Opportunity, we will discuss how Denmark is seizing new, innovative opportunities for growth and development in a way that allows everyone to benefit. We will be discussing how we can ensure that Denmark’s urban and rural areas remain interconnected – and connected with the wider world. How we can find jobs for even more people and create more new businesses. And how we can create equal opportunities for everyone wanting to realise their potential in the educational system and job market.

We will be livestreaming the DI Business Summit 2021 from K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen where we will also be gathering as many people as possible for a festive day of inspiration, debate and networking. You will meet political and business leaders from Denmark and abroad. One of the big names we can reveal is Saadia Zahidi, a managing director at World Economic Forum. You can look forward to hearing about her perspectives on developments in society as well as key dilemmas facing the political, economic and business world.

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