International labour

The shortage of qualified labour is a reality for many companies in Denmark today. In the future it will continue to be one of the biggest challenges for Danish businesses.

Today there is an increasing number of international employees coming to Denmark to work. Global talents bring value, knowledge and growth to Danish companies. Here you will find information on international recruitment, useful links and information. 

Why recruit internationally?

Numerous analyses show that international employees create value and growth that benefits not only Danish companies, but also the Danish society. With a shortage of qualified labour, international recruitment is worth considering for all companies regardless of size with ambitions to grow in the coming years:

  • Access to special skills and knowledge – When local talent is not enough. Specialised companies may need special skills and competencies, which are insufficiently available in the Danish workforce.
  • International insight and easier access to the global market – A boost to exports. International employees with knowledge of foreign markets, languages, culture and local conditions may lead to an enlarged international customer base and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Diversity as breeding ground for innovation and growth – New perspectives lead to new opportunities. Diversified teams often perform and innovate better than homogeneous teams.
  • An internationally oriented workplace – Increased attractiveness in Denmark and abroad. Danish and international talents are increasingly attracted towards building a career in an international working environment.

We advice you

We provide legal advice on rules pertaining to foreign workers employed in Denmark or workers in foreign countries, e.g. legal advice on residence and permission to work in Denmark.

Legal advisory services

How to recruit inernational employees

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) collaborates with a range of organisations, who specialises in attraction and recruitment of international employees:  

  • Business Region Aarhus is a business-political collaboration between 12 East Jutlandic municipalities such as the initiative Headstart, which supports local businesses by attracting and retaining international talent from around the world towards a new job and life in Central Jutland. International Community works on retainment within the same area.
  • Copenhagen Capacity helps businesses in Denmark to attract and retain specialized international labor, among others, through its regional career portal  Greater Copenhagen Career Portal where businesses can share their job postings with international candidates in and outside Denmark. International House Cph focuses on receiving and retaining internationals in the Copenhagen area.
  • Destination AARhus  focuses on helping mainly IT companies in Greater Aarhus to secure the international employees they need.
  • EksportJob is developed by Foreningen Nydansker in collaboration with Jobindex. Here, you can search for CVs for individuals with another ethnic background.
  • International House North Denmark helps businesses in North Jutland to attract and employ international employees.
  • State of Denmark: check out the guide containing help and guidance for businesses with regard to recruitment and employment of international labor.
  • Work-live-stay helps businesses in Funen and South Jutland with attracting and retaining international labor.
  • Workindenmark provides information, guidance and digital self-service tools. Businesses can get guidance on international recruitment and share their job postings internationally. Workindenmark is part of the Ministry of Employment and the European recruitment network EURES.
  • At you can find more information about attracting, recruiting and hiring international employees. Among others, you can find a guide for hiring international employees.

Welcoming international employees

The first meeting with Denmark and the new workforce

It is a good idea to use mentors already in the recruitment process, experience shows. Most often, the mentor is one of the company’s own employees who can answer work-related questions and in many cases also questions of a more private nature. 

International Citizen Service (ICS)

There are many practical matters to deal with when moving to a new country. The International Citizen Service (ICS) in Denmark provides a single access point to the various authori­ties and offers international employees personal assistance throughout the process. From CPR (personal identification number), work permit, health insurance and tax, to help with housing search and job-hunting for the accompanying partner, the ICS is here to help your new international employee settle in quick.

Retaining international employees


One of the decisive factors for a succesful recruitment of an international employee is whether he or she and the accompanying partner/family thrive at work and also in their new daily life in a new country. It is important that the company does its part to make the international employee settle well, not only in the company but also outside working hours.

There is a great variety of activities, initiatives, programs and networks tar­geted international employees across Denmark.

Networking through Expat in Denmark

There are many local initiatives for expats to connect. Through the Expat in Denmark newsletter, internationals will get information about living and working in Denmark and events for internationals taking place all over Denmark. 

Relevant links

When your new international employees are about to arrive in Denmark, they are bound to have a lot of questions about the life in Denmark, taxation, how to get a CPR number, housing, day care, schools and much more. Here is a list of useful links to help you help your new employee prepare for his or her new life in Denmark.

New to Denmark Life in Denmark Danish Taxation Work in Denmark International Citizen Service More information and tools from DI on international recruitment (Danish)

Expat in Denmark

Social and professional events, information and news about living and working in Denmark for international employees.

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