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If you need advice on Single Market trading, global trading, export controls, or international finance DI can support you.

Trade on the EU Single Market

The EU's  Single Market is the world’s largest free trade zone comprising 31 European countries and, giving Danish companies access to free and fair trade with 20 million companies and more than 500 million consumers. Although the Single Market has eased trade within the European Union, Danish companies do experience trade barriers or unnecessarily convoluted rules from time to time. DI is represented and well-oriented in both Danish and European forums that assess potential trade barriers and work to simplify existing burdensome rules.

DI can assist you if you experience problems in other EU member states e.g.:

  • Requirements to change a product and/or its labelling even though the product has already been lawfully placed on the market in other EU member states
  • Requirements to perform specific tests or provide specific documentation which other EU member states do not require
  • More rigorous requirements than the relevant EU law provides for
  • Illegitimate or burdensome requirements related to service provision
  • Unnecessarily convoluted and burdensome rules or market requirements.


Mette Peetz-Schou,  ​Leading Senior Adviser

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Trade on Global Markets

Denmark is a small and open economy relying heavily on international trade. However, there is a great unrealised potential for Danish companies on markets outside the EU. To help you benefit from global growth markets, we advise you on:

  • How to take advantage of EU trade agreements
  • Tariffs, technical requirements, and the possibilities to address such trade barriers
  • Anti-dumping and safeguard duties on EU imports and exports.

Relevant databases

Find information on tariff rates when exporting to third countries and importing to the EU:

EU Market Access Database

Get an overview of EU trade agreements:

Trade agreements in general

Trade agreement with Canada

Trade agreement with Japan

Look up which products are currently subject to anti-dumping and safeguard duties:

Anti-dumping and safeguard duties on imports to the EU

Anti-dumping and safeguard duties on exports from the EU


Bertil Egger Beck, Adviser

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Export controls

We advise you on how to comply with sanctions and export control regulations.

It is the responsibility of the company to apply for export authorisation before exporting products, technologies or services, which require a special licence. Often this is challenging for companies as sanctions and export control regulations are frequently updated.

We are at your disposal for questions on product categories that are subject to export controls, including:

  • Export of weapons and defence equipment
  • Dual-use products (products that can be used for civilian and military purposes)
  • Sanctions
  • US products (US content and American-owned companies can be subject to US regulations).

More info

The Danish Business Authority has dedicated a website on EU legislation and licensing procedures.

Export Controls and Sanctions


Peter Bay Kirkegaard, Leading Senior Adviser

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Export credit

We help you form a view of the opportunities to obtain support and finance for international activities.

Fortunately, there are many governmental funds to apply for when your company plans to start up business activities on new export markets. This includes export credits, investments, loans for commercial activities, insurances and guarantees. In this connection, we can advise you on:

  • Relevant subsidies
  • Options available for financing, including feasibility studies, export credits, working capital and export finance
  • Access to information on insurances and guarantees to avoid losing money if your foreign debtor is unable to pay.

More info

English version of the website for Denmark's Export Credit Agency


Marie Lehmann, Senior Adviser

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Ulla Lyk-Jensen

Ulla Lyk-Jensen

Leading Senior Adviser, European Affairs

Peter Dige Thagesen

Peter Dige Thagesen

Director, International Market Policy

Mette Peetz-Schou

Mette Peetz-Schou

Leading Senior Adviser, European Affairs

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