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You can benefit from the support of our International Market Development Team in relation to your company’s international expansion.

If you need advice or information about specific markets, you are welcome to tap into our rich knowledge on global markets and new market opportunities and take advantage of our wide range of contacts enabling us to set up meetings between your company and key players on growth markets.

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When official delegations visit Denmark, we play a central role in organising and hosting business-related activities. High-level visitors from abroad are interested in Danish products and solutions and see DI as a representative of the Danish business community.

This unique position means that you can gain privileged access to key decisionmakers. You can establish personal contact with important players and hear about their major market challenges. This is crucial if you want to enter a new market or increase your presence in an existing market.

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We give you the opportunity to meet potential partners and clients by joining our global business delegations, trade exhibitions and joint pavilions.

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Market potentials for water technology

The Confederation of Danish Industry is an active player on the international water field and provides various services to companies in the water industry to support their exports of water technology.

One of the services is DI Global Water Market Analysis which gives companies in the water industry an insight into 50 different national markets which have great market potential for Danish exporters of water technology solutions on commercial terms.

You can read more about the analysis below.

DI Global Water Market Analysis

In the analysis DI has mapped market potentials and assessed the competitiveness of Danish companies. Through a short market profile for each of the 50 countries, you will get a quick overview of the following market trends:

  • An assessment of present market size.
  • An estimate of the expected investment in the water sector for drinking water and waste water for each county.
  • DI's assessment of the potential match between Danish water technology and the needs of each market, and with that an estimate of the market’s openness towards Danish water technology.
  • A short summary of the market trends for handling of drinking water, waste water and climate adaptation.
  • An overview of relevant authorities and other regulatory key players in the water sector.

The analyses of each country have been carried out in relation to an assessment of the continuing commercial opportunities and the ability as well as the willingness to pay in the countries. DI Global Water Market Analysis is not based on donor-based marketing or other temporary actions.

Click here if you want to read DI Global Water Market Analysis.

Jens Holst-Nielsen

Jens Holst-Nielsen

Director, International Trade and Market Development

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