17.01.20 FAD News

Terma awarded a contract for US Air National Guard F16 fighter aircraft

The contract comprises delivery of new-built hardware - new advanced pylons - of an estimated value of EUR 74 Million (84M USD).

Terma will be delivering new-built hardware: Pylon Integrated Dispensing System Universal (PIDSU), EW core pylons with provisions for future Missile Warning System installation, Flare-Up kits and test adapters. The expected five years delivery period will start late 2020.

The program will be executed through the Terma Aeronautics business area with facilities in the U.S. as well as in Denmark.

Business Development Director John Rygaard says: “This program will potentially pave the way for additional export contracts from other F-16 countries. The European F-16’s are already equipped with PIDS+.”

Terma has been providing pylon-based solutions for improved self-protection at a cost-effective price since 1988 in several different configurations for fighter aircraft and can be customized based upon specific requirements.

More than 1,000 new as well as modified/retrofitted pylons for the F-16 with EW capabilities have been produced.

Foto: Terma