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Going the Green Way

The Danish Defence is, as a the largest public purchaser in Denmark, engaged by the Government to focus more on the green transition. But how can the Danish Defence embrace this new strategy?

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Green opportunities in the public procurement

In late October the Government provided a strategy for green public procurement and came up with several initiatives that support a more green transition. Lots of the initiatives may be relevant for The Danish Ministry of Defence as well, who after all is the biggest public purchaser in Denmark.  

In continuation of that the Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen, has on several occasions expressed significant interest in strengthening the environment-and climate effort in the Defence as well. 

Civilian goods with highly green demands

Toiletpaper, canteen operation, and other normal civilian goods are the biggest part of the Defence's purchase. This enables the Defence to require the most advanced environmentally and climate-friendly solutions, when purchasing civilian goods. Though, the Defence must be willing to pay the extra amount it might cost. 


Frank Bill, Forsvars- og Sikkerhedspolitisk chef
The industry must see where they can offer innovative and green solutions Frank Bill, Forsvars- og Sikkerhedspolitisk chef Read Frank Bill's leader (Danish)

However, when it comes to purchasing military equipment the situation is a bit more complex than purchasing civilian goods. This is due to the fact that environmental and climate considerations never can be prioritized higher than the soldier's safety. With that being said there is still room for development when it comes to making ships and vehicles with long driving ranges.

FAD will in co-operation with The Confederation of Danish Industry operate on carrying the words into effect and thereby strengthing the co-operation with The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation. Although, the defence industry must be ready to take up the challenge and explore on how they are able to provide green and innovative solutions. This will also generate new collaborations defence industries among.

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