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QuadSAT demonstrates radar measurements at TERMA

FAD congratulates QuadSAT, who is now able to provide on-site radar measurements.

Foto: QuadSAT

On-site measurements of both radars and satellite antennas 

QuadSAT is now not only providing solutions for testing satellite antennas but also radars as well. This was demonstrated earlier this month at TERMA, which resulted in a successful on-site validation of the radars.

Preben Schmidt Nielsen, Senior Specialist, Innovation Lab, Discovery & Incubation at TERMA elaborates:

- At TERMA, we continuously scan the industry for innovative new companies with technology that can improve and add to existing processes. Working with QuadSAT has been a great process and the innovation height of their system is impressive.

Co-operation with TERMA

For the testing at TERMA two radar systems were used - one at land and one at the coast. TERMA executed simulations, which QuadSAT measured through the radar systems and thereby validated the simulations. This showed how the radar systems may be affected for example by reflections from ground and water. 

Joakim Espeland, Chief Executive Officer at QuadSAT explains:

- Working with Terma is really important for us. Terma is leading the way in Danish Aerospace and Defense industry and we are happy and proud that the team sees the innovativeness and value of our system.

As written earlier QuadSAT's solution is already available for satellite antennas and will in 2021 be  available as a commercial product, making antenna testing cost-efficient and attainable.


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