09.02.21 FAD News

CenSec and FAD sign Agreement on Cooperation

The agreement between CenSec and FAD will strengthen the cooperation in the industry and moreover benefit the Defence Industry as a whole.

Foto: Ricky John Molly

Strengthened cooperation in the Defence Industry

February 4, 2021, the chairman of CenSec, Henrik Iversen, and the chairman of the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (FAD), Jan Werner Jensen signed an agreement on cooperation between the two organisations. The cooperation agreement will strengthen the Defence Industry and furthermore ensure its competitive power in the future.

This will happen due to CenSec's unique position as being the only gold-certified cluster operator in Europe and FAD's unique position, in the Confederation of Danish Industry, as the business-and industry organisation for Space and Defence Industry in Denmark. 

The work sharing 

- The agreement will clarify how the work-sharing between CenSec and FAD in the Confederation of Danish Industry shall take place. This will enable each of us to focus on the things we are best at. At the same time, the agreement describes how we unite our competencies in areas, where both organisations can act, in a way that our members obtain the maximum benefit from, elaborates chairman, Jan Werner Jensen, from FAD.

- When we are combining FAD political competencies and their solid basis in the established industry with CenSec's close relations to the research-and knowledge institutions, I am sure, that  it will boost the Defence & Aerospace Industry in Denmark in the most efficient way, states chairman, Henrik Iversen, from CenSec.

The agreement has entered into force per. January 1, 2021.

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