25.03.21 FAD News

A greater focus on Cyber

The technology is rapidly changing and a bigger focus on the cyber area is essential. In continuation of that FAD has established a steering committee for FAD Cyber.

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Cybersecurity in the driver's seat

March 19, 2021, FAD held the first meeting within the FAD Cyber group with the formal steering committee on board. The meeting was virtual and invited FAD's members to enter into a dialogue on how the defence industry must cope with the high technology challenges that occur within the cyberspace area at the moment. 

Cyberattacks such as the Hafnia and SolarWinds attack demonstrates how the technology is rapidly changing and thus Denmark's cybersecurity is also being prioritized to a higher degree than before by the politicians. This is also seen in some of NIAG's studies (part of NATO), where the evolvement of data-centric security to enhance information sharing is being discussed among others. Furthermore, the cyber area is one of the focus points in the upcoming national defence industry strategy as well. 

An establishment of the steering committee constitutes the needed foundation for FAD's future work with the cyberspace industry. The better FAD is to speak for the defence industry, the better requisites FAD has in regard to entering into a dialogue with the politicians.

Members of FAD Cyber:


Agenda of the meeting

In addition to FAD’s presentation of the way, FAD works with the cyber area in practice, a presentation of the steering committee took place. Moreover, Morten Rosted Vang, Head of Digital accountability and cybersecurity at The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), participated in the meeting as well. He reviewed how DI is working with the cyberspace area and elaborated news and important focus points in the current situation.

In the future, the steering committee meetings will be held four times a year, where FAD will be considering the industry's focus points in their daily work on improving Danish defence industries conditions concerning the cyber area.

The Steering Committee in FAD Cyber is:

Arbit Cyber Defence Systems

Søren Elnegaard Petersen


Lone Flohr


Søren Sennels

LogPoint A/S

Mads Lindberg


Kim B. Larsen