Industry group for naval defense industrial companies.

FAD Sea is the setting for information sharing, network and business opportunities for naval defence industrial companies. As of spring 2019 FAD Sea is focused on the acquisition of side scan sonars, SM missile systems and radar upgrades.

Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee

Cliff Puckett
Director of Government Sales

Leif Braae
Chairman of board
Military Equipment Denmark

Jan Rasmussen
Vice President, Head of Marketing and Sales
Saab Danmark A/S

Erik B. Christensen
Scanfiber Composites

Rune Raunow
Vice President Business Development, Nordic

Tim Jensen
Vice President, Products and Technology 
Teledyne RESON

Rasmus G. Laustsen
Sales Executive
TenCate Advanced Armour Danmark

Anne Mette M. Søndergaard
Vice President Europe, Global Marketing

Frank Bill

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