Capital E&I is taking Danish companies to the world markets

More than 40 years of knowledge and experience is pooled in the advisory company that helps Danish companies to gain ground on the global defense market

Image: Morten Andersen

When Mr. Jannik Hjulgaard established Capital E&I in 2015, it was from a solid foundation of almost two decades as an officer in the Royal Danish Air Force and seven years in two of Denmark’s largest defense companies - a complete combination according to the CEO:

"I had an extensive network in both the armed for-ces and the defense industrial base. Working years as the business development manager in Denmark’s premiere defense companies I also brought with me an in-depth understanding of the Asian markets and the first big customer of Capital E&I was the last company I left."

Capital E&I rapidly gained new accounts and soon Mr. Janus Engmann joined the team. The CMO and head of European operations also hold many years of experience in the industrial base and was working as an independent advisor in the business:

"Then I met Jannik at the Danish Defense Annual Conference in Copenhagen and we realized that we shared some customers and decided to team up instead of competing, Mr. Engmann says."

Turning the process
The core business model of Capital E&I is to advise companies that are, or intend to become suppliers to the global defense market. In the beginning most of the work was helping small and medium sized Danish companies to get to the markets - mostly but not limited to the Indo-Pacific region. Mr. Hjulgaard explains:

"Denmark has her share of advisors, associations and public agencies assisting foreign companies to get access to the Danish companies and the Danish Armed Forces. By turning the process around, we identified new business opportunities and are helping Danish companies to get access to foreign companies and armed forces."

Business development is essential
From the humble beginning in Mr. Hjulgaard’s home office with two accounts, Capital E&I has been on a growth path and has become a full-service advisory company with a widespread customer base in Denmark and abroad.

The essential product is still business development based upon market analysis, business strategy and marketing and the company is performing all parts on behalf of the customer. New customers and services are constantly added and just recently Capital E&I managed a large project in Asia bringing two Danish suppliers, a UK and a US partner together in an integration of sensor systems and solutions.

Image: Morten Andersen

Independence and Impartiality
The core values of Capital E&I are independence and impartiality and according to the CEO the importance of those value cannot be overrated:

"The way we see it at Capital E&I it is simply not conceivable to provide the best possible advice to an end customer if the advisor himself has any stake in the business development. You simply have to choose and stay with it each time. We believe that it gives us an edge to most other advisors", Mr. Hjulgaard stresses.

That edge has payed of and Capital E&I is constantly developing new services and solutions to the customers. The company was recently certified to supply advisory services via the government innovation hubs and the first customers have already been landed on that account. In addition, Capital E&I has become involved in the development of a series of new products—a process in which the company provides concept and business development.

System solutions and technology scouting
In the years to come the Capital E&I management foresees that the system solutions and integration part of the business will grow and that the Indo-Pacific market will be increasingly important:

"The security challenges are massive in the region and so is the will and ability to meet them, it’s simply a matter of numbers", Mr. Engmann adds.

Capital E&I is also contemplating new business opportunities among them technology scouting and as the company continues to grow new partners is expected to be added to the high performing team.

Capital E&I is full-service provieder of

* Go-to-market strategies

* Internationalization management

* Business Development and sales

* System solutions & integration

* Industrial cooperation contracts

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