Our cameras keep the warfighter safe

Situational awareness is more important than ever and Copenhagen Sensor Technology is supplying one of the best sensor solutions in the market.

In a world where the warfighters are being protected behind increasing amounts of armor and hence loses the ability to utilize their own senses high-tech cameras becomes even more important. In that market Copenhagen Sensor Technology has found its place, Vice President Business Development Mr. Klaus Aude makes it clear:

- When it comes to long range applications, then I dare to say, that we have the most precise technology in the market and precision is key, when you are looking at potential threat 40 kilometers away.

The Danish manufacturer of electro optical systems was founded by Mr. Søren Høiberg in 2001. Originally an advisor in the optical industry he was asked to design a camera for a foreign defense contractor. The contractor was pleased with the design, but had no intention of manufacturing optical systems itself, and therefore asked Mr. Høiberg if he would take this task.

20 years Life Circle Support

Today Copenhagen Sensor Technology is the workplace for 50 people, the majority in Herlev just outside Denmark’s capital, the rest in the optic development and production facility in Japan. Mr. Klaus Aude elaborates:

- Except for the aluminum cases we make everything ourselves. We design the software including advanced image filters and develop the cutting-edge lenses and that is crucial: We offer our customers 20 years life circle support and in order to extend such a service, we need to have complete control of the parts & processes of the product.

Although CST manufactures both Of The Shelf and white label camera systems the vast majority of the business is custom designs, and the Danish company reacts rapidly to the customers wishes:

- As an example; we had a costumer with an urgent need for a stabilized optical zoom camera system for an airborne application. We had never made such a product before, but within 12 months, we were able to design, test and bring the system to the customer and it is now a part of our large portfolio of sensors, Mr. Klaus Aude says.

Food on the table

Since the founding of the company one system has been the absolute most important to Copenhagen Sensor Technology, according to the Vice President:

- There is no doubt that the backbone of our company, both financial and technological, is the optical system for the Crows program in the US. We have been a part of this fantastic platform from the beginning and we have manufactured more than 25.000 camera systems to support deployed operators all over the world. That camera has been “bread & butter” to our company since 2001 and Copenhagen Sensor Technology is now looking into the next generation for these kind of applications, Mr. Klaus Aude states.

Vice President Klaus Aude with the ”bread and & butter” of Copenhagen Sensor Technology: The optical system for the Crows program in the US.

Sensor fusion

I the years to come the Vice President sees an increasing need for sensor systems with multiple capabilities and Copenhagen Sensor Technology is ready for that market change. In cooperation with the Danish radar manufacturer Weibel Scientific, they will soon launch a product to meet the increasing threat from drones:

- Our upcoming product is a unique combination of a radar that detects the drone at a long distance and our electro optical sensors will then identify the threat and assist the warfighters in finding the right counter action, Mr. Klaus Aude explains.

In addition to sensor fusion the Danish company also expects substantial growth in the land business, since there is an increasing demand for camera systems on both existing platforms and new vehicles.

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