HMK Bilcon makes the best solutions in the business

New management and a turnaround have created the most successful fuel tank manufacturer in Northern Europe

HMK Bilcon has a long history in the Northern part of Denmark and is the result of the merger of several local companies through generations. The original company was founded in 1895 as a blacksmith making horse wagons but since the mid 20th century the company has been in the business of developing and manufacturing chassis for heavy trucks.   

HMK Bilcon grew steadily through decades but a few years ago the company was going down the wrong path and that’s when Peter Jensby got a call from the bank:   

- I was heading a very large production facility in the Baltics when the bank called and asked me to assist in turning HMK Bilcon into growth and profits again. I find it very inspiring to develop companies and to create growth, jobs and a couple of months later I was the CEO of the company and initiated a turbo-turnaround.   

Large potential

Although the company was struggling Peter Jensby saw a great potential: HMK was still making just about the best fuel tanks and custom chassis money could buy and did so with a highly skilled and dedicated work force. What was needed was new management and investments in modernization and thanks to two local investors the latter also came in place. The results were almost immediate:   

- Two months into the turnaround we had the first profitable month for HMK Bilcon in five years. Twelve months into the turnaround the most of our previous but lost accounts had returned, new ones were welcomed, and HMK Bilcon re-introduced successful product lines that had been given up many years ago, according to Mr. Jensby.

Going for the defense market

According to the CEO everything in HMK Bilcon is aligned now and the company is going for new markets and customers one of them being the Danish and foreign defense markets:   

- HMK Bilcon has supplied armed forces inside and outside Denmark for many years. We still do and I see a large potential for growing our business in that market. The Danish armed forces are operation some pretty old fuel tankers and huge investments in new tankers are on the way. Naturally HMK Bilcon aims at supplying and doing service on those, Mr. Jensby says.   

The company recently won a four-year contract with the Danish Army on servicing fuel tankers and mobile refueling solutions and HMK Bilcon is also retrofitting parts for the General Dynamics Eagle IV armored patrol vehicle.  

- None of this would have happened without our dedicated work force and at HMK Bilcon we strive to make sure that everybody likes to work here. We aim to win the prize as the best “Great Place to Work” in this region by 2020, Mr. Jensby ends.

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