The drones are getting smarter every day but so is MyDefence

The Danish anti-drone company never stop working to bring the best possible defense to the warfighters

Image: Morten Andersen

Taking a U-turn

MyDefence initiated a dialogue with the Danish Armed Forces which acknowledged the need for such equipment but also was a little hesitant since such equipment was not currently on the market. But when the young company presented a proof of concept to the army the parties entered a development joint-venture with funding from the army which quickly attracted other governmental customers. Then the company took a U-turn, Dan Hermansen elaborates:

- The entire market for electronic protection changed almost overnight and our customers asked for drone protection instead of IED protection. MyDefence of course had to adapt to that and what started as an IED development and research project rapidly turned into a drone-protection project.

The best on the market

Today the anti-drone equipment from MyDefence is broadly tested and recognized as the best on the market and the company has stuck to the original grounds: The equipment is smaller, much less heavy and no burden for the warfighter to carry.

However, as the anti-drone equipment gets better, so do the drones, according to Dan Hermansen:

- The most advanced drones do not need neither an operator or a guiding signal to find their target, they have been preprogrammed and uses sensors and GPS mapping to seek and destroy, hence there is no signal to jam. That is why we developed a new radar based anti-drone system that combines radar detection and GPS jamming measures. In just 12 months MyDefence brought the product to the market and we have experienced great demand.

International cooperation

As the advanced products of MyDefence have matured they have attracted international partners. The company is involved in several development projects with one of the world’s largest armored vehicles manufactures aiming at integrating the entire suite of MyDefence soft– and hardware into the whole range of vehicles.

Future drones won’t
need a signal at all

Although the anti-drone systems of MyDefence is among the most advanced the company is working around the clock to keep up with the technological development. In the near future drones will not be needing signals at all but will have computer and sensor power enough to navigate by landscape recognition. But the Danish company is prepared to meet any future challenge:

- The drones are getting smarter every day but so is MyDefence Communication and we never stop working to bring the best possible defense to the warfighters, Dan Hermansen clarifies.

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