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When it comes to ATR aircrafts only the manufacturer knows the plane better than the Danish service company

Image: Morten Andersen

The legacy of Skyways Technics is the story of successful entrepreneurship, a fall into the abyss and the rise from the ashes. 

Only a few years after the Second World War a pilot in the city of Sønderborg in southern Denmark founded Cimber Air, originally flying passengers to West Germany. As the company expanded so did the airplanes, and in the last part of the past century Cimber Air became one of Europe’s largest operators of the French/Italian ATR aircrafts.  

A new beginning

In the long run Cimber Air couldn’t keep up with the big, European airlines and ended its operations in 2011, but that didn’t end the aerospace activities in the Hangar at Sønderborg Airport. CEO Benjamin Nielsen explains: - Three days after Cimber Air ended its operations I was contacted by the key stockholder. He asked me to develop a business plan for the service part of Cimber and he obviously liked what he saw: He bought the hangar, all the spare parts, took over all the commitments in the service contracts and soon after 75 of the former Cimber employees and I were ready to go to work in Skyways Technics.   

ATR experts

Skyways Technics were born as ATR experts. Not only did Cimber Air operate the aircraft, the service unit also did ATR service for numerous customers all over Europe and most of the employees had more than a generation of experience in doing maintenance and repairs on the aircraft type. The Airbus/Leonardo aircraft is not the only one rolling into the hangar of Skyway Technics though, ten pct. of the business comes from doing service on regional and business jets from Bombardier. – Bombardier jets are also used by air forces, among them the Royal Danish Air Force, and it is my firm ambition that Skyways Technics one day will enter the defense market, the CEO adds.   

A changing business

Maintenance & Repairs and Spare Parts are the business areas of Skyways Technics and they share an equal part of the company’s turnover. The customers are mostly airlines like Air France and SAS but that will change since the airline business model is changing fast, according to Benjamin Nielsen: - A few years ago only a fraction of our customers were aircraft leasing companies, but now it is one fifth of our sales and that share is rising rapidly. I won’t be surprised if ten years from now the vast majority of our customers will be leasing companies, since airlines are moving swiftly from aircraft-owners to aircraft-operators. 

The biggest leasing customer of Skyways Technics is the Denmark based Nordic Aviation Capital, the world’s largest leasing company in the regional jet/turboprop market.   

Global expansion

The airline industry is a global business and Skyways Technics is determined to expand the business outside Denmark. In 2015 the company opened a Service and Repair Center in Kuala Lumpur:
- Asian air travel is booming at a pace hard to believe and since our opening in Malaysia, Skyways Technics have experienced tremendous growth. We are 15 people out there and are bringing new people onboard as we speak, says the company’s CEO Benjamin Nielsen. 

A year after opening in Kuala Lumpur a sales office in Dubai were added to the Skyway Technics global footprint and later this year Fort Lauderdale will join together with the opening of an in-house service center in Ukraine.

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