Export Licenses and Control

Export of weapons and defence equipment requires a permit from the Danish National Police


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The requirement for an export license encompasses according to the Act on War Material:  

  • Weapons and ammunition of any kind
  • Defence equipment
  • Military simulation and training equipment
  • Production equipment constructed for or adapted to production or maintenance of weapons, ammunition, defence equipment and equipment for training and simulation
  • Parts specifically constructed or modified for the above
  • Explosives
  • Software constructed or modified for development, production or use of the above
  • All products on the EU common list of defence equipment

The requirement for a license to export covers physical export of items as well as non physical transfer by means of fax, telephone or other electronic means. Verbal transfer of technology is also covered.  

According to the Act on War Material it is forbidden to export chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons and means of delivery specially designed or modified for this. The Danish National Police can issue a dispensation from this provision.

The Danish Business Authority is the authority in charge of the administration of the international export control rules that apply to socalled "dual-use" products and technology. "Dual-use" refers to technology that can be used for both civil and military aims. Please see link for further information

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Export Controls
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