Our vision and goals

Guiding vision and goals for FAD

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The Mission of FAD

  • To safeguard the general and specific interests of Danish defence and aerospace companies
  • To secure for them optimal conditions in selling to the Danish Armed Forces, to NATO and to the international defence and aerospace community
  • To act as the point of contact for all foreign defence equipment suppliers who seek to do business with Danish defence and aerospace companies
  • To assist foreign defence equipment suppliers in fulfilling their Industrial Cooperation Contracts, ICC


The Vision of FAD

  • That Danish defence equipment procurements lead to qualified contracts to Danish defence and aerospace industry
  • Maintaining and strengthening a competent and competitive Danish defence technology and industrial base to the benefit of the Danish Armed Forces and to the industry
  • An opening of the defence equipment market with reciprocity of market access within the NATO-nations
  • Danish defence and aerospace industry remains a viable source in the future international defence industry cooperation
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Joachim Finkielman

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