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Membership of FAD strengthens the Danish defence and security industry and facilitates cooperation

FAD’s members create high value and safety for Denmark and thereby contribute to Denmark’s national defence and security goals. FAD, advocating the interests of the Danish Defence and Security industry, is the primary interlocutor for the Danish government and the Armed Forces in matters of importance to the industry. FAD has a strong cooperation with the Danish Armed Forces and FAD is permanently represented in various Committees and Working Groups and maintains a continuous dialogue concerning national as well as international matters related to defence and defence industrial cooperation. FAD is your unique focal point for doing business with the Armed Forces.

In a highly regulated industry FAD safeguards the interests of all members. FAD is dedicated to foster the best possible framework conditions for member companies to succeed in the domestic and global defence and security markets and to support the business development of the industry within technology, competences and market potentials. These efforts enhances competitiveness in the industry. 

A membership of FAD gives your company the possibility to increase knowledge about the industry and to network with domestic and global stakeholders in the industry. In that process FAD helps foreign suppliers find relevant Danish companies.

Membership is open to any Danish registered company with commercial interests in the defence, security, aircraft and space markets. In our efforts to develop further and sustain a successful association, we encourage our members and other stakeholders to actively involve themselves in our affairs whether on a national or international level.

  1. Political influence and protection of political interests

    FAD is your voice towards politicians, civil servants, the Armed Forces, international organisations and other stakeholders. We are actively involved in political solutions and legislation affecting the industry. We raise awareness about the special conditions concerning the industry and help you navigate through the regulatory framework.

  2. Join our industry groups

    We run a number of professional industry groups (networks) in which member companies can network, exchange ideas and develop their business in a specific field of interest.

  3. Participate in events home and abroad

    We organize B2B events with prominent stakeholders in the global supply chain and we are the focal point for the industry’s participation in international Defence and Security industry trade fairs. We organize seminars and conferences about business development, political regulation etc. – often in close cooperation with our member companies.

  4. Membership of DI

    FAD is an independent yet integrated part of DI (Confederation of Danish Industry), and FAD’s members are therefore also member of DI. FAD is your natural gateway to DI and to the many relevant services DI provides (advice on HR legislation, assist in entering markets, offers courses and training etc).

FAD membership

Please note, that all members need to comply with a set of rules and regulations:

•Membership or associated membership of Confederation of Danish Industry is mandatory.

•Yearly membership fee is 0,1 pct. of defense related turnover.

•Minimum yearly membership fee is DKK 35.000.

•Maximum yearly membership fee is DKK 300.000.


Academia, foreign defense contractors and companies not applicable to become member of DI can join the FAD network as associated members for a fee of DKK 10.000.