08.10.19 FOS Nyheder

Welcome to Zhelt human defense

FAD welcomes Zhelt human defense as new member

Zhelt human defense design, produce and market a human defense system and materials against heavy vehicles, bullets and bomb fragments placeable in the open urban environment and in buildings of any size. It is easy to handle and deploy in any surroundings, while the design is developed to blend in discreetly wherever it is placed and shall have no reference to any fear factor, whatsoever.

The patented technology effectively decelerates & stops high velocity projectiles. A basic Zhelt ballistic barrier consists of three simple elements: waterproof casing, stone wool and water. The casing module is flexible in design, size and shape, and its purpose to become an impermeable container when filled with stone wool and water. Once filled with water, Zhelt becomes a heavy armoured barrier and security against calibre bullets and bomb fragments. Product applications are global and embedded with other ballistic materials and liquids, companies can innovate new product or construction platforms with unique advantages such as mobile, light weight and even sustainable arguments.


Zhelt (human defense) ApS

Bryghuspladsen 8

Mobile: +45 30 50 26 70
Skype: lars_stenfeldthansen
Email: lars.stenfeldt@zhelt.dk