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Terma receives DI's Apprenticeship award 2019

Terma received the Apprenticeship Award 2019. It was presented by Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard and Anders Strange, Chairman of DI Eastern Jutland.

It is crucial for the future recruitment that companies create more apprenticeships for apprentices and students. Many companies within DI are already doing this, and with this award, DI wishes to honor and highlight these companies as good examples.

"The Board of Directors of DI Eastern Jutland presents Terma with this year's Apprenticeship Award because the company has a strong focus on educating the talented employees of tomorrow," says Anders Strange, Chairman of DI Eastern Jutland.  

Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus, also commends Terma and promises to intensify the municipality's educational efforts. 
It is highly commendable that companies such as Terma continuously contribute to the vocational training and education of more and more young people. Access to a good apprenticeship is a prerequisite for more young people choosing a vocational education. And we need this – in Aarhus as well as the rest of the country. Therefore, later in the year, the Aarhus City Council will also adopt a Youth Action Plan, which partly reintroduces work experience placements in the 10th grade, and partly strengthens the students' skills in choosing an education and helps young people who are not ready to start an education to strengthen their academic and social skills,” says Jacob Bundsgaard. 

Terma constantly has 25-30 apprentices in Lystrup, Grenaa, and Herlev within the areas of IT and computer technician, electronics technician, administration, plastic engineer, industrial technician, surface treatment, and industrial operator. 

We take the task of educating apprentices and students very seriously. This starts already in the recruitment process where the recruiting superior ensures that the applicants are employed within the right area and have the prerequisites for obtaining and completing their training. During their training, they are faced with the professional challenges that fully-trained employees are faced with,” says Terma’s CEO Jes Munk Hansen, who received the award on behalf of Terma. 

Each year, apprentices from Terma receive a medal when the Danish Industry and Craft Medal Fund in Eastern Jutland honors newly-trained apprentices for their excellent final exams. In 2019, six young Terma employees were among the 25 honored. This proves the quality and seriousness of our efforts within this important area.

Morten Andersen
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