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DKK 250.000 assigned to projects within digitalisation and export

As a part of a political agreement regarding "Restart of Danish Export" SMV:Digital will open up for applications towards projects within digitalisation and export.

Foto: Danish Commercial Industries Federation

Financial support on its way

November 4, 9 AM SMV:Digital will open for applications to the official grant distribution regarding financial support to companies that work with projects within digitalisation and export. Vouchers up to DKK 250.000 will be awarded for SME's.

"Although the trades and industries are good at e-trade within the frontiers, there is still room for improvement, when it comes to e-export," says Director of Danish Commercial Industries Federation, Sidsel Dyrholm Holst. "In SMV:Digital our job has been to improve SME's export through digital platforms. It is, therefore, gratifying that there now will be further remedies for SMV:Digital this year."

The target group is SMEs with direct exports, SMEs with indirect exports (i.e. selling products that are part of other companies’ direct exports), which make up a significant part of their turnover, and finally SMEs expecting to become exporters as a direct result of their digital project at SMV:Digital.  

When do I start on my application?

As written earlier SMV:Digital will open for applications already November 4 at 9 AM, which means that you should already start on your application now. SMV:Digital receives a lot of applications and in general the SMV:Digital-programme is very popular, which means that the funds normally have been distributed in a few hours.

For your application, it is possible to seek counselling at your local trade house

How do I apply?

  • Prepare your application. It is possible to download the application form here. Further information about the vouchers are to be found on the website as well. The vouchers are distributed as first come, first served, which is why it is a good idea to be prepared when the funds open by going through the application form beforehand. 
  • On November 4, 9 AM: Open for applications. Apply right here
  • Contact your local trade house for counselling and sparring during the process. 
  • It is a requirement that you co-finance your project. The counselling voucher covers 50 percentages, and you must co-finance with either cash payment or your own held hours. The investment voucher covers 25%, and you must co-finance the rest in cash. 
  • Wait for about 5 weeks for your answer.


DKK 25.000 voucher

The DKK 25.000 voucher is for private counselling to companies with no more than 20 employees.

The private counselling will be targeted e-export. This means sale through digital platforms to foreign companies and consumers. The private counselling includes a start-up seminar as well. 

DKK 100.000 voucher

The DKK 100.000 voucher is for private counselling towards companies, that need assistance to find the right digital solution for the company.

This could also be companies, who need counselling regarding purchase and implementation, automation, or e-trade which in the end may support their export situation.

DKK 250.000 voucher

The DKK 250.000 voucher is for companies that are ready to invest in digital systems, automation, and e-trading solutions that may support their export situation. 

This voucher contains subvention towards the purchase of hardware or software, where the subvention constitutes 25 percentages and DKK 200.000 as a maximum.

If the company decides to invest in a subscription solution the subvention will be extended for up to 2 years. Additionally, the voucher contains DKK 50.000 for private counselling regarding the implementation of the investment. 

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