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CenSec - a new Danish Cluster for Defence Industry

CenSec is now officially the new Danish Cluster for defence, space and safety. But what does that mean for the industry?

14 new clusters

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published 14 new knowledge-and business clusters. The purpose of the clusters is to help SMEs with innovation in cooperation with research institutions.

As one of the 14 clusters, CenSec has been appointed to be the cluster for defence, space, and safety, which FAD is happy to congratulate them on.  

Selected clusters

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A recognition for the defence industry

In FAD we consider the designation of CenSec as a great recognition for the Danish defence industry. Additionally, the designation of CenSec among 14 other national clusters, is also an acknowledgement of the industry's importance. 

CenSec's task is now to help small and medium-sized companies to increase their technical competence through cooperation with leading Danish research institutions. 

FAD's role

FAD, as the industry association, representing the vast majority of defence companies in Denmark will do our part to support CenSec by offering our political voice. Together we will strengthen the Danish Defence industry. 

It is a condition for CenSec's license to be a cluster, that there will be a cooperation agreement between FAD and CenSec. Negotiations between CenSec and FAD is ongoing and is expected to be finish this Autumn. 

Press release

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