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Are you looking for an opportunity to go into space?

Now is your time to shine. The European Space Agency (ESA) has opened up applications for new astronauts.

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Greate demand for women astronauts

For the first time in over a decade, ESA is seeking new astronauts. The application round will run from 31 March to 28 May 2021, and especially women are encouraged to apply. In 6 years ESA will open up for new applications again - thus, this is your time to reach for the stars. 

According to multiple Danish organisations, authorities, media, and universities, this is an opportunity for young men and women to seize. 

Altogether they have created the partnership, Space Exploration Denmark, who works for increasing the interest in space and moreover helping master students within technological-and nature science studies plus test pilots to already now strive to become the new Danish astronaut. In continuation of that Space Exploration Denmark has established a webpage that contains all necessary information for the application. 

Visit BlivAstronaut.dk here

Job opportunities and a contribution to the green transition 

In relation to ESA seeking new astronauts, there is a focus area, that ESA and Space Exploration Denmark wishes to outline; that there are many more positions in the space industry than being an astronaut. 

Hence, it is important that young men and women realize the job opportunities in the space industry. 

- Scientists in the space industry are doing research within new technologies for satellites and instruments, that can contribute to new knowledge about our Earth. If we want to solve some of the climate changes and create innovations that may solve the climate crisis, we need women and men to be educated within this industry. Ideas and thoughts for a better and greener future occur within the exploration of new technologies. And this exploration takes place in the space industry as well, explains Ane Halsbo Jørgensen, Minister of Education and Research. 

The Confederation of Danish Industry supports the fact that there is a need for a bigger focus on educations within the space industry.

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