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Rovsing takes the next step into space

Three more European Service Modules to be built for Artemis; Rovsing A/S is the sole Danish contributor to the ESM and Artemis programme, providing vital Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE).

- Testing equipment may not be as sexy as Andreas Mogensen being sent into space. But in the end, secured and high-tech equipment is alpha and omega, points out CEO of Rovsing, Hjalti Pall Thorvardarson.

Foto: DI Handel

Forward to the moon with Rovsing

Earlier this month it was announced that Rovsing remains the supplier of the specialized test programs for the Artemis program. Rovsing has delivered equipment for the Artemis program since 2014 and with the new orders, they will look forward to being a part of the program for several years. 

The request comes from ESA who in cooperation with NASA is working towards and establishment of bringing a new space station into orbit around the moon. This means sending astronauts to the moon and eventually even further into space.

A bigger focus on the space industry

CEO of Rovsing, Hjalte Pall Thorvardarson, is proud that the Danish industry is a part of the transatlantic collaboration. 

- Not every country in Europe is delivering equipment for this project. Thus, it is important to highlight the fact that Danish companies are a part of the journey into space, elaborates Mr. Thorvardarson. 

Therefore, he hopes that the Danish Government will focus even more on the development regarding the European space cooperation. 

- All of the funds that are put into the space project have a return statement of at least three to four times the amount. At the same time, the investment has many secondary benefits in the shape of high-tech development and creating new jobs. Furthermore, we also buy services from several subsuppliers in Denmark, expresses Mr. Thorvardarson.

The  Confederation of Danish Industry  supports this statement, who agrees that an increase in investment in the space industry will create great opportunities for Danish companies. 

Read DI Handel's article right here (in Danish)

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