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Danish Aerospace Company extends contract with ESA

March 18, 2021, was a great day for Danish Aerospace Company A/S (DAC) in Odense, which signed an extended and prolonged contract with ESA.

Foto: DAC

Exercise equipment keeps the astronauts operational

It will be DAC's newly developed E4D multifunction exercise equipment which in the future will be used by astronauts on manned space travels and thereby be a part of the astronauts' daily training. 

The astronauts need to exercise at least 2 hours a day, where the variation in the exercises is crucial for the astronauts to stay in shape while being in space.

- It will be something completely unique within exercise equipment for astronauts and feature, among other things, a new type of exercise, rope pulling, which has never before been used in space. Variation in exercise is incredibly important for astronauts so that many different muscle groups are continually used during their stay in space and furthermore, to give them a variety to keep their motivation. E.g., a trip to Mars can take 6 to 8 months, so great exercise variety to pass the time is very essential, states Thomas A. E. Andersen, CEO of Danish Aerospace Company A/S.

The equipment has been further developed by DAC's engineers, which now means that a new type of exercise, rope pulling, is a part of the unique exercise equipment. This has never before been used in space and is something DAC can be very proud of. The first flight model for ISS is expected to launch in 2023.


E4D ...

  • Stands for Enhanced European Exploration Exercise Devices
  • Combines cycling, weightlifting, rowing and rope pulling in one machine
  • prototype was evaluated for 7 weeks in the fall of 2019 by a panel of 14 experienced astronauts


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