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Veteran Company of the Year 2020

Hydrema Group is elected to be the Veteran Company of the Year 2020. A great pat on the back, which brings smiles and pride throughout the whole organisation.

Senior Director of The Confederation of Danish Industry, Henriette Søltoft, CEO for Hydrema Group, Jan Werner Jensen and Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen.

Foto: Hydrema Group

The perfect solution for all parties

Yesterday, Hydrema Group was nominated for the 2020 Veteran Company of the Year. A nomination that Hydrema Group is proud and grateful to receive.  

- Back in the noughties, we got some big tasks that were related to the defence's vehicles. Therefore, it was obvious to recruit some of the veterans that at that time had returned from focus areas and had some of the experience we found relevant. We built a team who could relate to the vehicles and thus were very motivated to solve the task. Because of that, it already from the beginning turned out to become a great solution for both parties, explains CEO, Jan Werner Jensen, Hydrema Group.

In other words: It was more of a need rather than a wish to help veterans back to work, that started the process. Today, helping returned veterans back to labour is both a wish and a deliberate part of Hydrema Group's strategic goal setting.

Since 2007 Hydrema Group has employed almost 50 veterans and right now they have 15 veterans in employment. Hydrema Group has always at least one veteran in job-trial in close cooperation with the council and the Center of Veterans to ensure that veterans are ready for the job market. 


Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen, and some of Hydrema Group's skilled veterans talk about the life of a veteran at a company like Hydrema.

CEO of Hydrema Group, Jan Werner Jensen, receives the award as 2020 Veteran Company from Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen.

The ability to utilise the competencies 

Hydrema Group receives the award for its extensive and long-standing efforts to help particularly vulnerable veterans return to the labour market.
For example by taking them in as a part of the production including flexible job schemes among others, but also by helping veterans for clarification courses in other companies. 

Likewise, Hydrema Group has taken responsibility in the shape of helping veterans going back to labour without their uniform. Thereby, giving them the opportunity to continue to elaborate and show their competencies, which was discovered in the Armed Forces. This benefits both the veterans, the Danish business community, and the Danish defence industry.

- During the years, Hydrema Group has delivered a very strong effort to help especially the vulnerable veterans back to work. At the same time, Hydrema Group has, as an industrial enterprise, shown the way, taken responsibility and taken the lead when it comes to transforming the veterans' special competencies for the benefit of the Danish defence industry and business. Hence, Hydrema Group deserves the utmost respect and recognition for their huge engagement towards Danish veterans, states Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen.

Read Hydrema Group's press release


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