Industrial cooperation within the defence industry

May 9, 2022, DI Danish Defence and Security and CenSec are organising a conference on industrial cooperation within the defence industry in cooperation with DKF. A unique opportunity for your company to network and exchange experiences with major European suppliers.

Industrial cooperation in focus

On 9 May, DI Defence and Security, CenSec, and DKF will open the doors to a conference on industrial cooperation in the defence sector.

Danish Defence acquires capabilities from major European suppliers, who commit themselves to industrial cooperation with Danish industry and knowledge institutions. Meet the European suppliers for a day where we exchange experiences, look ahead, and have the opportunity to forge new ties and establish networks.

The conference will be held in the heart of Copenhagen at the Confederation of Danish Industry on 9 May 2022 from 09.30 AM until 17.00 PM. This will be followed by a reception and a dinner at the same location.

During the event, there will be the possibility to purchase a stand, which contains one café table and the option to bring your own roll-up. At the café table, you can have business cards and other small merges, etc. This will be possible to select when you register on your right

If you are a member of either DI Danish Defence and Security or CenSec, you must use these codes when registering:


Member (participation in the conference): FREE
Type DI-CenSec2022-01 in the code box 

Member (participation in the conference + networking dinner): 800 DKK (120€)
Type DI-CenSec2022-02 in the code box

Non-member: 2500 DKK (350€)
Type DKF-Guest in the code box


Member: 1000 DKK (130€)
Type MP-Mem in the code box

Non-member: 5000 DKK (650€)
Type MP-Guest in the code box


In the confirmation e-mail, you will receive info on hotels with which we have made a cooperation agreement.


    • 08.30-09.30 Arrival

      Arrival / Registration & Gathering Coffee

    • 09:30-09:50 Welcome & Antitrust and Competition Declaration DKF e.V. Board Members

      Silvia Bergmann, Markus Bauer, Thomas Zentellini, Joost van Gemert, Günter Celikel

    • 09.50-10.10 Introduction to Danish Defence Industry + Q&A

      Joachim Finkielman, Director, DI Danish Defence and Security Association

    • 10.10-10.30 Introduction CenSec & National Defence Innovation + Q&A

      Klaus Bolving, Director, CenSec

    • 10.30-11.00 Danish Industrial Cooperation + Q&A

      Andreas Hauptmann, Head of Department, Danish Business Authorities

    • 11.00-11.30 Coffee and networking

    • 11.30-12.00 Rheinmetall/Unterlüss + Q&A

    • 12.00–12.30 KMW +Q&A

    • 12.30–13.00 GDELS + Q&A

    • 13:00–14:30 Networking Lunch

    • 14.30–14.50 Presentation: Terma

      Oscar Cosman Brøndum, Manager, Industrial Cooperation and Partnerships Europe

    • 14.50–15.40 Startup and SME Innovation Swarm

      Four minute pitches

    • 15:40-16.00 Coffee and networking

    • 16.00-16.25 The use of Industrial Cooperation in a new light + Q&A

      Gert Daugaard, Sales Manager, Hydrema Export

    • 16.25-16.50 Presentation: MDSI + Q&A

      Christian Steinø, Chief Operating Officer

    • 16.50-17.15 Experiences with industrial cooperation

      Mads Lindberg, Interim VP Communications & Government Affairs, LogPoint

    • 17.15 Thank you

      DKF e.V. Board Members: Silvia Bergmann, Markus Bauer, Thomas Zentellini, Joost van Gemert

    • 18.00-22.00 Networking Dinner

Joachim Finkielman

Joachim Finkielman


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