Conference on EUMETSAT’s Procurement Procedures and Science products development

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and DI Danish Defence and Security Industries Association invite to a conference about EUMETSAT’s Procurement Procedures and Science products development.

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The conference provides a possibility for Danish stakeholders in the defence and security industry to learn more about EUMETSAT, including its activities, strategy, procurement procedures and science roadmap

EUMETSAT is an intergovernmental organisation based in Darmstadt, Germany, currently with 30 Member States, with DMI being the representative of Denmark. EUMETSAT operates several satellites and produce data vital for meteorological and climate monitoring purposes, are a key actor in the Copernicus program, and close partner with the European Space Agency (ESA).


    • 12.00 Welcome

      Marianne Thyrring, Director-General, DMI

    • 12.10 DMI’s role in EUMETSAT and the importance of EUMETSAT’s data in DMI’s science and operations

      Head of Satellites and the Arctic, Jacob L. Høyer, DMI

    • 12.40 Space related activities in the Danish security industry

      Joachim Finkielman, Director, DI Danish Defence and Security Industries Association

    • 12.50 General Presentation of EUMETSAT and its Strategy

      Phil Evans, Director-General, EUMETSAT

    • 13.50 Short break

    • 14.00 EUMETSAT Procurement Procedures

      Eleni Katsampani, Head of Contract Services, EUMETSAT

    • 15.00 EUMETSAT Science Roadmap

      Bojan Bojkov, Head of Remote Sensing and Products, EUMETSAT

    • 16.00-16.30 Tour around DMI’s Operation Center (optional)