A digital and technological boost for the Armed Forces: Opportunities and risks for Denmark in a hybrid war era

Terma, Systematic, Microsoft and DI Danish Defence and Security Industries Association jointly invite you to attend a conference Thursday 23 February 2023 where decision makers and experts from Denmark and abroad will debate the changing digital battlefield, share experiences from other NATO members, and provide inputs to how to secure a digital and technological boost of Danish defence.

The war in Ukraine not only reveals a new chapter in European history. It is also a demonstration of how today's battlefield is digital and multidimensional.

The development of digital technologies has never been faster, driven not least by the private sector, whose innovation power and scalability is outpacing that of the armed forces. Combined with the serious threat from cyberattacks across society, new efforts to manipulate critical infrastructure, and disinformation campaigns designed to spread confusion and propaganda, Denmark and its allies are facing an increasingly complex and rapidly changing threat landscape.

The integration of artificial intelligence, big data, advanced censors, cloud and ultimately quantum computing means that the states who master the newest technologies can secure the ultimate decision advantage in battle. This creates new opportunities, but also challenges and demands on Denmark's overall defence; is Denmark's total defence prepared for digital warfare? 

Inspired by the government's aim to secure a digital and technological boost of the Danish armed forces in close cooperation with the defence industry, this conference will explore in depth the opportunities and risks Denmark is facing in a hybrid age. As a digital frontrunner, Denmark has every chance to make digitalization a competitive edge - also in security and defence - but this will require agility, investments in digital competences, and closer collaboration between defence, industry, and academia.

In light of international participation, the conference will be held in English.


The conference will be held under The Chatham House Rule.