FAD Land

En netværksgruppe for de virksomheder som er, eller har intention, om at blive underleverandør med henblik på landbaseret forsvarsmateriel

FAD Land's main field of activity is to bring members and foreign defense contractors together at business meetings, OEM production facilities, defense exhibitions etc. in order to lay the ground for mutual business development.

As of 2020 FAD Land and the activities are focused on areas such as transatlantic B2B cooperation, working on establishing a Nordic regional acquisition strategy towards Nordic industry and building a close partnership between Nordic industries on a B to B level. 

Furthermore there is a big focus on increasing Danish defense industry’s possibilities and participation in the European Commission’s Defence Action Plan and in time EDF and similar facilitating systems. In continuation of that promoting Danish defense industry’s ability to participate in the above projects despite Denmark’s op out on EU defense cooperation on a national political level - and thereby maximizing Danish industry’s participation in procurements to the Danish defense.

Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee

Michael Munk
DC Supply

Gert P. Daugaard
Manager, Military Sales

Mogens R. Mogensen
Vice President
Military Equipment Denmark

Christian Aarup
Director Sales

Lars Krogh Vammen
Director of Business Development
Weibel Scientific 


Joachim Finkielman

Joachim Finkielman

Forsvars- og Sikkerhedspolitisk chef


  • Direkte +45 3377 3673
  • Mobil +45 6187 1540
  • E-mail jofi@di.dk