Combining different services to create a “connexus”

When it comes to advice and guidance in the security and defence industry, conXus is your team in the field. By combining each employee’s experiences, individual achievements, and different qualities, conXus creates a “connexus” for their clients.

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Many brains - one spirit

That would be the best way to explain how the consultancy conXus operates in practice.

- At conXus we help our clients with everything supporting and generating sales in Denmark and creating matches between them and other international and/or Danish companies. For a Danish company, it may be difficult to identify the right decision maker in a larger international OEM. At conXus we have the right network and know the drill. In that way we are able to bring the necessary understanding into a complex industry, explains Martin Yde Jensen, Managing Director.

conXus was founded by Mr. Jensen in 2007, together with two retired generals from the Danish Defence. Even though the financial crisis was just around the corner, conXus used the momentum to gain even further experience and in the early 10’s, the consultancy was at high speed.

What’s with the name?

The company’s name comes from the Latin word ‘connexus’, which means “a connecting structure”. That is exactly how conXus works; a connecting structure with different capacities that in the end fulfil their clients’ needs. Whether it is political insight to a specific market or help with government sales and contracts, conXus provides the required knowledge to their clients within all areas. conXus has four different core services: government sales, industrial development, government affairs, and strategy. Combined, the four cores clearly illustrate the service you get when you as a company in the security and defence industry decide to be a client at conXus. At a deeper level, it is about creating ties to local industries and winning contracts from the armed forces in the Nordic countries, among others. It is about integrating local companies in international supply chains by cooperating with foreign companies and affecting political discussions by creating an understanding of challenges within security policy.


conXus mainly works with positioning platform solutions for government requirements. In this example, the new X2 rotorcraft technology. Photo: Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company.


Fulfilling the client’s need

- In general, conXus always looks at our client’s needs and works forward to create the best value for our client. Our clients may need advice and support on their strategy or better insight into the political environment.
We will be with them from A to Z; not only from development to planning but all the way through execution,
explains Mr. Jensen.

conXus’ core services are headed by four different leads, who all brings specific valuable knowledge to the table and the clients. Mr. Jensen, who as earlier mentioned is Managing Director of conXus, oversees supporting clients with long term strategy and presence in the Nordic region. Cliff Puckett, Director of Government Sales, supports conXus’ clients in their pursuits of winning government business. Michael Rasmussen, Director of Industrial Development leads this service area, where he builds relationships with clients and creates a network within local industry for further cooperation. Additionally, Political and Strategic Advisor Benny Damsgaard guides conXus’ clients in the political arena.

Represented as Lockheed Martin Collaborator

conXus’ largest and best-known client is Lockheed Martin Corporation, the large U.S. defence company. conXus cooperates closely with Lockheed Martin, not only to position their products for government contracts, but also with the vision to strengthen relations with local industry. conXus drives matchmaking between the American company and local industry and facilitates projects, a task that conXus has succeeded with several times.



  • Delivers professional services to international defence and aerospace OEMs
  • Helps aerospace and defence clients by engaging with Nordic countries
  • Is in close collaboration with Lockheed Martin, a U.S. defence company

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