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The Danish software company supports live tracking and monitoring of more than 150.000 assets within different businesses and delivers mission critical solutions in satellite communication. Each day hundreds of companies and authorities all over the world depend on GateHouse. The company in Aalborg, Northern Denmark was founded in 1992 by the current CEO, Michael Bondo Andersen and according to him the strategy was clear from day one: 

- GateHouse has a continuous focus on delivering high quality software – a focus which has become the our hallmark. One of the many ways we ensure quality is by conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 concerning quality management systems and during the last decade Gatehouse has risen to become a well-known international player in the software industry. 

Highly skilled M.Sc. and PhD are employed at GateHouse mainly within engineering and business development. All employees work targeted on the basis of strategy and action plans to ensure persistent quality and development. 

Maritime domain awareness
In the maritime sector GateHouse Maritime is developing and implementing complex maritime tracking solutions and the best-in-class tools for customers all around the globe. That includes coastal & offshore surveillance, port management and risk analysis and GateHouse is a pioneer in sea tracking, keeping an eye on more than 200.000 units every day.

Also in the maritime sector transparency and efficiency is an increasing demand that opens new possibilities and sets new requirements to the collecting, treatment and sharing of data.

Satellite communication
GateHouse Telecom are experts within communication software, providing communication tools for satellite terminal manufactures and through the company’s own test tools and services, GateHouse Telecom is specialists in verification and validation. On the basis of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of communications infrastructure and platforms GateHouse Telecom also offers consultancy services within telecommunication.

The company’s impressive track record on satellite communication has secured participation in research programs under the European Space Administration. Gatehouse is the lead partner in one of them and the task is to identify ways to bridge satellites and the Internet of Things. 

Great opportunities ahead
In late 2018 Gatehouse sold the Logistics part of the business to the American company Project 44 and it was a strategic decision that paved the way for new opportunities both for the Logistics business and for GateHouse Group according to CEO Michael Bondo Andersen: 

- Letting the logistics part go wasn’t an easy decision but it gave us substantial financial resources that we are investing in new business development and in the GateHouse Igniter Program. GateHouse Igniter is investing in new companies or start our own and we are already involved in several projects with great potential.

The GateHouse CEO expects that the new business opportunities in large parts will reflect the company’s increasing focus on both maritime software and satellite communication among them supporting an ESA research program for new protocols for small-sat communication.

GateHouse is

* Established in 1992

* High quality software and consulting services

* 80 pct. export share

* Headquartered in Denmark, office in the USA

* (Leading) partner in several ESA research programs

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