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Meet a member, whose mission is to be the best partner in progress.

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Mikkelsen Electronics A/S is a family-owned company founded in 1971. Today, the two sisters Anne M. Levinsen and Ulla Holmen Mikkelsen are owners of the company, with Kim Christiansen as CEO. Altogether, they provide customized cable and moulding solutions to customers from their two locations in Denmark and Serbia.

Organic growth of 70% since 2017 is something Mikkelsen Electronics can be proud of. Mikkelsen Electronics was founded back in 1971 and over 50 years later, the company has grown into an international and innovative company. The company exclusively manufactures applications for its clients’ products. In other words: Mikkelsen Electronics has no products of its own.

- Our mantra is ‘Your product - our key competence.’ We always strive to have the best know-how around our suppliers, ensuring that our solutions are the best possible solution for each of our suppliers’ products. We want to be the best partner in progress,
explains CEO, Kim Christiansen.

mikkelsen electronics

  • ... delivers tailormade moulding applications, box-build, and cable solutions.
  • ... distributes components - both standard, modified, and customized.
  • Works closely together with their customers to add value to their products.

Subsidiary in Serbia

In Serbia, Mikkelsen Electronics has 117 employees and additionally 72 employees in Denmark. The Danish site benefits from proximity, flexibility, 50 years of experience and fast delivery whereas the Serbian factory can offer high volume production at competitive prices. At the same time, the Serbian factory is benefitting from a close relationship with the local technical university. With the subsidiary in Serbia, Mikkelsen Electronics can move more agile than the typical player in Denmark.

- By having production in Denmark and Serbia we have picked the best both countries can offer, states Úlla Holmen Mikkelsen, co-owner of Mikkelsen Electronics. - It is crucial that we are flexible and always up for the challenge. Our customers’ products and technologies are evolving faster than ever before, which means that we must move faster too. But that is a positive thing. It helps us stay on the innovative track and think outside the box, Mr. Christiansen adds.

At the Danish facility in Farum

At the Danish facility in Farum

A different way of doing business

Moreover, they all see a big advantage for Mikkelsen in not being born into the defence segment. In the defence industry orders may take up to several years to be accomplished as opposed to the industrial segment. An example of adapting quickly is that the company several times has set up production within a very short time to meet a large production order. 

- I am sure it has given us a different drive when it comes to fast decisions, explains Anne M. Levinsen, co-owner of Mikkelsen Electronics.  

Bright future for Mikkelsen Electronics

Mikkelsen Electronics has been investing in the defence industry since 2017 when CEO Mr. Christiansen joined the company. He has previous experience from another defence company Teledyne in Global Sales. But even though new competencies and experiences have been brought into the company, the two sisters still remember where it all started. 

- Although we have gained our professional experience elsewhere, you could say that we have always somehow been integrated and been a part of Mikkelsen from the beginning. Our strength as a family company is that we can act fast and still have a long-term perspective, adds Mrs. Levinsen.

Perhaps, it was not written in the stars that the two sisters would take over the family business. But there is no doubt that it all turned out successfully and that 2022 looks bright for Mikkelsen Electronics. 


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