Drone detection system: Tracks, identifies, and mitigates

Made for military - founded by military - used in all segments worldwide. One very descriptive phrase for the company MyDefence, who is founded by former military officers with insight into military operations and advanced radio technology.

CEO at MyDefence, Dan Hermansen

Foto: Stina Dueholt

With an ever-changing threat assessment, nations must always keep up with the technologies. Especially, since the enemies are doing the exact same. Denmark may be the EU’s most digitized country according to the European Commission's annual Digital Agenda from 2021. Though, there is no doubt that enemies from near and far also are keeping up with new technologies and are developing optimized materials and equipment. And that goes for drone technology as well.

- At MyDefence we develop a unique drone detection system to be used by soldiers when operating in the field. By detecting foreign drones, we are making sure that no uninvited guests get the opportunity to seek out information, that they normally do have access to. We saw a spot in the market, and we seized the opportunity, states Dan Hermansen, CEO at MyDefence.

A bit like LEGO

MyDefence is located in North Jutland in Denmark but delivers products within Electronic Warfare all over the world, focusing on especially Europe and the US. 
-  When being in the field there are numerous of essential factors, that are crucial to keeping the soldier safe. All of our solutions are lightly weighted, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment. At the same time, they are robust, wearable, and modular. This means that you can build your drone protection the way you want it. A very flexible solution for the soldiers. It is a bit like LEGO; once you have bought the first unit, you can keep on building and expanding your range, elaborates Mr. Hermansen.

Drone detection solution with multiple sensors for larger installations.

Wearable drone detection and mitigation – ”I always have my Wingman with me”.

MyDefence’s solution the ‘Wolfpack’ is an example of a portable or fixed installation, whereas the ‘Watchdog’ can be mounted on vehicles and sea vessels; a 360° direction-finding RF drone detector. Though, MyDefence offers wearable solutions as well: the ‘Wingman’. A light-weighted solution is attached to the soldier, often placed on the chest, allowing the soldier to have both hands free. The ‘Wingman’ is able to detect and mitigate drones at long ranges and actually often before the drone takes off. In that way, the system is able to jam the drone quickly with the ‘Pitbull’, for installation it is the ‘Doberman’, which are both available with or without integrated GPS.

- To be up to date, we always make sure to be able to navigate between two or more radio frequencies. Enemies will constantly try to find new methods to avoid detection. This means that they are developing more frequencies to communicate on. Though there will always be drones that are impossible to detect, but if we manage to cover an area of about 95%, we are on the right track, I think, smiles Mr. Hermansen.


  • Produces faster, lighter, and more flexible systems.
  • Works with only the highest quality of wireless product development both with their standard solutions and tailored turn-key projects.
  • Interoperability: Keyword for MyDefence that always focuses on size, weight, and power, when developing products.

Creating the perfect drone library

Another way of keeping up with how enemies might use drones for attacks, MyDefence has evolved into a “drone library”, as they call it. At the drone library, several drones are collected to give MyDefence a specified insight into the different drones on the market. By investigating different drones and seeing how their systems work, MyDefence has an extensive picture of the drone landscape.

- We are always trying to stay ahead of the technology by buying these different drones. For example, in China, you can buy drones that are not normally allowed to be used online. You might be allowed to do that in China, and that's where the problem arises because that's a perspective that we're not covered for. However, we can address that issue by going down more alternative routes and purchasing the drones on, for example, eBay. In that way we have established a well-informed drone library throughout the years, smiles Mr. Hermansen.

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