3-1 system: The golden key

At Safe-Tec three products are being combined to one. This contributes to the green transition, makes Safe-Tec an attractive supplier, and creates fast solutions for their customers worldwide.

Bo Andersen, owner of Safe--Tec,

Foto: Stina Dueholt

In 1992 the vehicle body technician Bo Andersen started the company BD Systems, which today is known as Safe-Tec. The company has moved from structuring and building towing-and emergency vehicles for organisations such as Falck to delivering high-technological towing equipment for the defence worldwide.

- Our product is pretty narrow, but our target group is spread out worldwide, explains Mr. Andersen. - Right now 92% of our export is to the defence industry. We have completed tasks for The Canadian Armed Forces, The Norwegian Armed Forces, and of course the Danish Armed Forces among others. And our sub-suppliers remain of course all Danish, adds Mr. Andersen.

Green solutions on the agenda

Safe-Tec’s strength is that they provide a solution, that not only benefits themselves as the supplier, but also the customer and the planet. A win-win for everyone, so to speak. In other countries, you need three products to complete the given task in the field. That would be the A-frame, the spreader-bar, and the tow-bar. Safe-Tec discovered a need and developed a product, where you get all of the above three components in one high-tech product. This has a huge influence on the weight as well, that with Safe-Tec’s product is reduced by 50%. Additionally, Safe-Tec has plans about applying greener initiatives regarding coating, when making surface treatments.
- Safe-Tec is currently working with new and alternative coating products. Thus, we are testing multiple coating products, that might be less harmful to the environment, elaborates Mr. Andersen.

Did you know?

  • Since 1992, Safe-Tec has delivered innovative and pioneering recovery, towing and lifting solutions for the defence, recovery and wind industry based on proprietary patents.
  • Safe-Tec is fully ISO-certified within quality management systems (9001), environmental management  systems (14001), and occupational health and safety systems (45001).

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Successful co-operation with the Industry Office

Safe-Tec has developed towing solutions for the Leopard MK2. Safe-Tec’s ‘A-frame’ solutions are able to tow combat-and logistic vehicles up to 80 tons kerb weight. For a demonstration of their, product Safe-Tec has been in touch with the Defence Industrial Office who gladly was willing to help.

- It is important to always have one's finger on the pulse of the defence industry and to focus on the things that might need to be improved. On that note, it is also important that we acknowledge, when things turn out positive. In this case, the Defence Industrial Office was willing to help with a demonstration of our towing solutions and responded very quickly to my inquiry. They offered us entry to one of the barracks but due to Covid-19, the demonstration is right now on standby, states Mr. Andersen. - Though, we are grateful to get the opportunity and for their cooperation.

A bigger focus on digital technology

The technology is rapidly changing, and Safe-Tec is aware of the importance of keeping track. In the autumn of 2020 Safe-Tec’s new ERP system was integrated throughout the whole organisation and a bigger focus on digital initiatives is now on Safe-Tec’s agenda.
- Digital marketing has for many years been a part of our strategic plan, but I believe that due to Covid-19 it is even more important to prioritize digital transitions and of course because of the increase of online sales in general,
clarifies Mr. Andersen.

To improve their digital e-commerce, Safe-Tec applied for the SMV:Digital "Restart of Danish Export" in November, where they have been awarded 100.000 DKK to financially support their projects within digitalisation and export.

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