Aluline supplies world-class aluminum components and solutions to leading companies

40 state-of-the-art CNC machines are divided into 5 machining groups. Machines in each group are all identical and they are running around the clock to secure the Danish company a place among the best in the business

Foto: Morten Andersen

Aluline was founded by Mr. Schow Sr. in 1965 in the outskirts of Copenhagen. In 1972 the company was moved to the present location an hours drive west of Copenhagen. The competition was already fierce:

-It is an extremely cost conscious market that we are operating in. Our customers are often global and we are being bench marked with all corners of the world. The competition has over the years grown from being local and national to an international scale. The journey has, however, made us strong within process innovation. It is the backbone of our company, Morten Schow, Sales Director explains. 

From the very start, the company has been focused on one material and one material only; aluminum, and today it is fair to say that Aluline is among the very best in the business to process that material. A true specialist.

Precision manufactured parts often combined with high esthetic surface finish and in reasonable large volume is ‘no walk in the park’ unless you have full control of all processing steps. Aluline has all manufacturing facets inhouse including full automated anodizing lines.

Staying ahead is not an easy job

In 1989 the two sons of the founder took over. Through the past 30 years the brothers have, along with the rest of the team, converted Aluline from a traditional machine shop into a technology based company with everyday focus on process innovation and robotics. Mr. Schow elaborates:

- Making money on aluminum parts alone can be a brutal business, and staying ahead in this segment is not an easy job. We need to continually focus on process innovation in order to stay competitive. At the same time we need to be at the forefront of technological developments in order to prepare the company for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Foto: Morten Andersen

Customers all over the world

The vision of Aluline is to be preferred strategic partner for market leading businesses and the company aims at creating as much value adding as possible through engineering, process innovation & manufacturing of aluminum solutions. The customers are found all over the world within electronics, health care, automotive and military & weapon systems. Regarding the latter Aluline is the preferred supplier of aluminum components to some of the world’s most renowned manufacturer of sighting technology. Among the defense customers are guns manufactures and Aluline is also fabricating and assembling a 40+ parts component to an advanced rocket launcher system.

Aluline’s customers are found among medium and large sized companies with a global production line since that is the best fit for the company’s development and production setup. In the future that will still be the case although with some adjustments:

- We aim at continuing an organic 5 to 8 pct. annual growth and a part of that process is to focus even more on what we do best, Sales Director Morten Schow finishes.

Aluline is

Five divisions incl. mechanical assembly and full automated anodizing lines

International quality certificates

40 state of the art CNC machines

3 Zeiss Accura II VAST XTR Gold

3D-measuring machines


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