Bruhn Newtech keep us safe around the clock

The Danish company takes full advantage of an increasingly mobile and interconnected world to protect what matters most: people

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Erik Ellinghaus was hired as an intern in 1988 when he was a young man studying computer science at University of Copenhagen. Back in those days crisis management in case of dangers to the public in Denmark was a matter of hand drawn hazard areas on a large map but Erik Ellinghaus wanted to change and digitize this solution and is now CEO of Bruhn NewTech: 

- The world was slowly becoming digital and we developed the first version of software that was able to integrate data and information from various sources and present it to the users on a screen. We have come a long way since then and our products today does not hold a single line of code from back then of course.

Airborne threats
Bruhn NewTech has been around for quite some time focusing the business model over the years to: Protecting as many people as possible from airborne threats i.e. chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear dangers also known as CBRN. Mr. Ellinghaus explains: 

- Unfortunately, there are people with bad intentions who target crowded places like airports, train stations, stadiums or other large venues to spread death and terror. Similarly, accidents at nuclear or chemical plants close to densely populated areas also carry potential threats and they are often airborne and hard to detect. Meeting such threats can only be done by using technology and call for faster automated warning systems that use real-time data to support critical decision-making and that is exactly what Bruhn NewTech is offering.

Early warning in the Gulf War
Every soldier on every battlefield runs the risk of being attacked by CBRN weapons and in 1989 the first software was developed by Bruhn NewTech as a defence application.

- The British and coalition forces brought our software warning system to the Gulf War to map the expected spread of chemical or biological weapons enabling them to swiftly relocate forces and secure evacuation in case of an attack, the CEO of Bruhn NewTech says. 

Since then the Danish company have integrated their software with a wide range of sensors and C4i systems from manufactures all over the world. Today the CBRNe Knowledge and Sensor Management software solutions from Bruhn NewTech are in operational use in four out of five NATO countries and more than ten PfP nations.

Foto: Bruhn Newtech

A 360˚ suite
According to Mr. Ellinghaus the Copenhagen based company has expanded its portfolio to a complete 360˚ suite of products and services:

- With the world’s leading CBRN knowledge management software as the starting point our customers can seamlessly integrate to sensor hardware or other third-party systems and receive training specifically designed for multiple tier levels. And to make sure our solutions always delivers a secure and reliable performance we also offer a complete maintenance and support program which is key to keep the software up to date, ensure accurate information and direct access to all users.

Software as a Service
Bruhn NewTech is providing 70 percent of their solutions as Software as a Service. All but a few percent is exported and the Danish company mostly find their customers in Scandinavia, EU and Asia.

Bruhn Newtech

* CBRN solutions for defence operations

* Detection & Evacuation systems for public safety

* Assisting (and sponsoring) of humanitarian organizations in conflict zones

* Supplier of NATO, UN and the International Olympic Committee 

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