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Collecting and analyzing digital fingerprints is a key element of modern cybersecurity and nobody does it better than LogPoint

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The internet is a global fertilizer for innovation and growth but the networked society comes at a price: Anything connected to the network is a security risk. Companies, organizations and authorities are increasingly becoming aware of the cybersecurity threat, and this poses a global business opportunity for Danish LogPoint. The Copenhagen based software company originates from an IT consulting firm, but as the century turned, both the software market and the business took a new direction: 

- LogPoint received an increasing number of inquiries about log-files and what we could do with those files from partners and customers. It was obvious that companies were getting increasingly nervous as hacking on a global level accelerated and got professionalized or even state-sponsored, LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang explains.   

A strategic move

As a response to those threats, LogPoint made a strategic move in 2009 when the company acquired a Danish software business, possessing unique knowledge about the management of log-files. LogPoint invested heavily in the development of the technology and for a very good reason: 

- Whatever you do on at digital network leaves a small piece of evidence, a fingerprint so to speak. In the computer world, that fingerprint is called a log. During a day that makes hundreds of logs for you alone and for an entire company that can sum up in millions of logs. Nobody can keep track on all of those logs, the whole idea is to find the ones, that may be the signature of a security threat. And I dare to say, that not many does that as well as the state-of-the-art algorithms of LogPoint, Zerlang says.     

NATO approval was a breakthrough

LogPoint’s first customers were companies and authorities running critical infrastructure, such as utilities and emergency response. Soon after the world’s leading defense and security companies were added to the Danish software company’s list of partners: Through cooperation with Boeing, Logpoint achieved a NATO certification in 2015, which was a major breakthrough in the non-civilian market not only in military but also in homeland security, intelligence and law enforcement areas, Zerlang says.     

Areas of special interest

LogPoint has expanded the capabilities of the platform since the beginning and the CEO points to some areas of special interest in near future: 

- Companies not complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation faces penalties that can ultimately take them out of business. LogPoint’s software is an essential compliance tool to meet the requirements in the GDPR and I expect the regulation to have a substantial positive effect on our business, Mr. Zerlang explains. He also points to “CEO fraud” and Ransomware as some of the growing threats that also leads to new business opportunities for LogPoint: In real-time, LogPoint is able to detect when phony e-mail addresses are used to impersonate the CEO and in a matter of minutes LogPoint can tell which part of a network is under attack, making it possible to isolate infected systems and avoiding shutting down the entire enterprise.     

A rapidly growing market

LogPoint is the work place of 200 people and more than 600 customers. The goal is to reach a revenue of USD 100 mill. by 2021. Just recently, LogPoint opened an office in Boston, Canada will follow and although most of the revenue currently originates from Europe, Zerlang foresees that the US will soon be the biggest market:  

- Our passion at Logpoint is to keep companies safe and allow me to stress that LogPoint does not only find the bad guys, we also acquit the wrongfully accused, Jesper Zerlang ends.  

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