Saab Danmark A/S

In beautiful Sønderborg, DI Danish Defence and Security Association visited Saab Danmark A/S. A company that develops and delivers integrating communication solutions for naval, air, and civil security sectors.

Foto: Saab Denmark

One single platform to control all communication

Back in 1982, a company named INFOCOM, located in the Southern part of Denmark, Sønderborg developed and produced numerous information and communication systems for the defence industry. In 2000, INFOCOM was bought by Mærsk Data Defence and in 2006 finally bought by Saab, which has over 17.000 employees in over 30 countries all over the world. Today, Saab Danmark A/S is developing advanced integrated communication solutions - for both civilian and defence sectors.

For the last few years, Saab Danmark A/S has been very successful with winning a large number of projects worldwide, including countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Quick business growth led to an increment of employees and today Saab entity in Denmark has 140 employees and the company expects to increase the number of employees in the upcoming years.

All systems - one interface

What makes Saab Danmark A/S that unique, you might think? Why are they able to provide integrated communication solutions easily fitting both the civilian and defence sectors and providing systems that operate worldwide? The key aspect is the scalable and modular system approach and the capability of integrating any kind of communication technologies into one single platform.

- Well, it is a complex process but I will try to narrow it down as far as possible. What we do, is that we interconnect all communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware. For example, Saab’s integrated communication solution, TactiCall, provides a friendly user interface with all communications available from a single platform, explains Swen Ventker, sales director at Saab Danmark A/S.

Did you know?

  • Saab Danmark A/S is certified for multi-level security (EAL5+)
  • Saab Danmark A/S Offers integrated communication solutions worldwide in the control room, maritime, naval, and air sector.
  • Saab Danmark A/S cross-connect voice and data communication systems.

Information sharing on different classification levels

The TactiCall Voice Communication System (VCS) offers certified multi-level secure communication for up to NATO Secret level. The solution provides an intuitive operator control interface and advanced communication management capabilities for communication set-up, mission planning and control. TactiCall VCS allows operators to listen to a mix of secure and non-secure communication channels and simultaneously be able to speak either secure or non-secure as the situation requires.

For example, a conversation with a fighter aircraft may start as non-secure and during the conversation be switched to a national or NATO secret conversation. In other words: You are going secure with a single touch. TactiCall VCS can be expanded to include multiple security levels e.g. Unclassified, Coalition Secret and National Secret.

Integrated technologies in sectors

Close collaboration with customers supports a spiral development process, in the scope of which the system is improved through small and continuous evolutionary steps to meet the equally evolving needs and requirements of customers. Saab Danmark A/S closely collaborates with customers to ensure that their solutions keep matching their customers’ requirements.

TactiCall VCS is deployed in Denmark, Sweden and other countries around the world. Saabs integrated communication solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party equipment, legacy or new, and provides an intuitive and modern user interface that will guarantee secure and reliable operations within every operational setup. An achievement Saab Danmark A/S can be very proud of.

User terminals and hardware of Saab Danmark’s communication solutions.

Foto: Saab Danmark A/S

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