Keeps the wheels turning whilst creating growth in DK

SIMA Innovation got a lot on their plate, but this is not stopping them from always delivering Danish Quality - for instance by having an almost fully Danish supply chain.

Foto: Stina Dueholt

How it all started 

Back in 2007, the existing ringmount solution, operated by the Danish Armed Forces deployed in Afghanistan, needed to be updated to fit the actual task. The team behind SIMA Innovation was allowed  to bid, design, develop and produce a whole new ringmount solution – and managed, despite the Christmas Holidays, to produce the first batch of a solution accepted and purchased by the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) within a 6 weeks’ time frame.

This project led to the beginning and foundation of SIMA Innovation and now 13 years later SIMA Innovation is seen as a preferred partner and supplier to the global defence industry  - improving the personnel’s operational capability and personal security under difficult and risky conditions. 
In other words: SIMA Innovation’s journey started in a fortuitous way but has become a successful story, where a strong partnership with the Danish Defence just is one of many things, SIMA Innovation can be proud of.

“It is all about the end-user”

Right now SIMA Innovation is developing and supplying the Danish Defence with +600 motorized turret solutions. This has been both a vital and developing process for SIMA Innovation. Today SIMA Innovation is working closely together with both DALO, The Danish Artillery Regiment, and international OEM’s - receiving feedback and input from the end-users: the soldiers. This enables SIMA to improve and evolve the products to fit perfectly to the end-users’  needs and conditions. How? A funny example is the coffee cup holder, which has been implemented in the vehicle. It may not be the most important part of the survival kit in battle, but still an important asset in the 35°C  desert, where water is essential. CEO, Niels Thorup describes:
- It is important for us that our products fit the end-user, improving their capability of operating efficiently, which requires tailormade and reliable solutions. We are fortunate to have so many talented, experienced, and committed people, who are always up for a challenge. This enables us in designing and developing innovative, customized solutions.

SIMA Innovation

  • SIMA Innovation is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality products and solutions to the global defence industry
  • Focus is on Innovation, Quality, Reliability and Safety and, therefore, SIMA Innovation is able to create both standard and customized solutions
  • SIMA Innovation’s mission is to give soldiers the best possible conditions to operate fast, efficient and with the highest level of safety and quality
  • Keywords are lightweight and flexibility and the turret systems have proven their functionality and robustness in hostile environments like Afghanistan

The process behind

Once the request has arrived in SIMA Innovation’s hands, there is a specific strategic plan to follow. A plan that through many years has ensured the company satisfied customers worldwide. 
- It is about looking at the inquiry itself. What is it the customer needs, what is the specific demand, and on which platform does the product need to function, elaborate Mr. Thorup.

According to Mr. Thorup,  SIMA Innovation’s ability to react in a fast responding and flexible way are some of the keywords, that differentiate the company from others.
- We are, due to our team and efficient supply chain, able to respond, design, and produce within a few weeks. This no matter whether we are talking about smaller or bigger projects. This is as well as our ability to both modify off the shelf products to the specific need or starting up the design phase from scratch together with our customers, explains Mr. Thorup.

Supporting locals

But even though SIMA Innovation operates on the international market as well, Danish subsuppliers compose most of the company’s supply chain: 
- Well for us it is about supporting the local industry. I mean, why not? They have the tools we need and they are both very flexible, fast responding, and skilled partners delivering high-quality products. Instead of having our suppliers spread out across the world, a lot of our suppliers are located right around the corner. This also makes the communication easier, for example when we need to get something fixed or changed  - they are literally just a call away or 30 minutes to an hour by car. 

Besides the practical element, there is also another element that SIMA Innovation, therefore, contributes to: Creating growth in DK.
This is really important for the industry, according to Mr. Thorup:
- In the defence industry, I think, the local and national companies should support each other, when possible. For SIMA Innovation it is possible, and therefore an obvious opportunity. It creates growth and workplaces, and if we can contribute to that, that is just a benefit.


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