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Dialogue, pro-activity and planning are key when blue water shipping is executing the most challenging logistics all over the world

Blue Water Shipping plays a vital part in Denmark’s strong tradition of providing versatile and cost-effective logistic solutions all over the world and the company headquartered on the Danish west coast has been on a growth path ever since it was established by the current chairman of the board, Kurt Skov, in 1972. According to Head of Government & Defense Logistics Henrik Damgaard the business model however has always been the same:

- This company was founded on the wish of providing additional services to our customers and that is still the foundation. We never say no to a logistics task because it’s to difficult; on the contrary Blue Water Shipping excels in complicated solutions. The harder the better.

A contract in the high north

Blue Water Shipping is divided into six business areas spanning from traditional transport of cargo to a wide array of logistics, port services and energy transportation projects. In 2006 the company got it’s first defense contract, Mr. Damgaard says:

- Our first defense contract was signed with the armed forces regarding the supplies of all kinds of material to and from the fleet of patrol vessels in the North Atlantic. Later, we also got involved in transporting crews and their personal equipment.

Foto: Morten Andersen
Foto: Blue Water Shipping

Flying with dogs

A vital part of Denmark upholding sovereignty of Greenland is The Sirius Patrol, the only human presence in large parts of the island. Although the weather conditions are some of the most hostile in the world and landing strips are made of snow and ice it’s not a job to hard for Blue Water Shipping:

-We exchanged the landing gear with skis and removed the seats from a two-engine turboprop fitting in two soldiers, thirteen dogs and one sled. That way we can fly the Sirius Patrol to the center of the icecap and back if necessary, according to the Head of Government & Defense Logistics Henrik Damgaard.

All kinds of equipment

Blue Water Shipping have added several major contracts to the portfolio of defense activities since 2006. Today the company holds several contracts with armed forces and civil suppliers within the defense industry.

The portfolio covers areas from the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Scandinavian to the USA, handling all kind of equipment and gear for the global defense industry. Blue Water Shipping has gained extensive know-ledge and experience in handling ITAR / EAR equipment and has created a state-of-the art solutions for FMS and FMF customers.

24/7 services

The company offer transport by air, road, rail and sea services from 24/7 AOG services to economic consolidations. From Blue Water Shipping’s dedicated teams the clients enjoy competent and skilled services offering all transport modes, ensuring government compliance, ITAR / EAR Screening, Transit License, export and import license guidance in a secure environment.

- Working in the Defense Industry supporting many customers with unique transport solutions and supply chain management requires the right organization setup, with the right security levels and nationality. Blue Water Shipping have invested a lot of time and resources in finding the right facilities and se-up and we are well prepared to welcome new customers in this growing market, Mr. Damgaard finishes.


Founded 1972

1.800 employees in 60+ offices world wide

US Government and ITAR approved

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) specialists

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