General Conditions

General Conditions for DI Events.


Your registration is personal and binding. Once your registration has been recorded you receive a confirmation. If you cannot participate a substitute from your company is welcome to enter in your place.


There may be a cancellation fee according to the specific deadline of the event. Deadline and fee appear from each event.


DI members participate at a member rate. Please contact DI if you wish to hear more about a membership. All prices include material, accommodation and catering, but exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. DI reserves the right to change prices and reserves our position on misprints if any.

Discounts and Grants
Certain DI memberships and trade association and/or member association memberships offer certain event discounts or grants. The grant is given according to the price of the event before VAT, however VAT of the full price will be added prior to the grant.

No-show Fee
At free events a no-show fee may occur in case of non-appearance and failure to report this within a reasonable period. It will appear from your confirmation whether a fee is charged and what it amounts to.

Conditions of Payment

Respite is current month + 30 calendar days.

Invoice Information

Please assist us with a correct invoicing from the start (EAN number, contact person, invoice address, PO number etc.)


To ensure the very best quality always we reserve the right to cancel an event in case of a very low participation rate if we estimate that the individual participant will not reap maximum benefit from the event in question. In that case we offer subsequent participation at a similar event. We develop our events currently consequently description changes may occur. We reserve the right to change time, place, price, instructor and contents.

Personal Data

When you register for an event please advise name, email address and place of work. Note how DI handles your personal data.