31-03-20 News

The prime minister strikes a very important balance with her plan for the reopening of Denmark

With its plan to work towards a gradual and targeted reopening of the Danish society, the Danish Government offers a sensible and right path to lead us through this crisis.

Danish businesses will do everything they can to back it up, says DI.

We are faced with one of the most difficult decisions in modern times. A fact that I hope and believe we all understand the gravity of. It is very positive that the Government is open about its plans. Our priority is to look after the citizens of Denmark and to save lives. At the same time, it is, of course, crucial to secure a healthy economy, robust workplaces and jobs coming out of the crisis. A cautious, gradual and controlled reopening is the right way to go about it, says CEO Lars Sandahl Sørensen, DI.

He emphasizes the importance of a gradual reopening that does not lead to major health setbacks.

- It is important not to reopen Denmark in a way where we risk a big setback in health. Such a scenario will neither benefit businesses nor the economy. It is all about taking focused, gradual and wise steps. And it is about ensuring that everyone supports and contributes to the approach, says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

- The companies shall continue to do everything they can to back up and ensure compliance with the instructions and implementation of a gradual opening of the Danish workplaces. It is not going to be an easy task, however, so far, the whole society has given wide support to the efforts needed to get us through the crisis. We shall keep doing this as it will benefit all of us, says DI’s CEO.

DI also welcomes that the government will now stimulate the economy to turn around companies and society.

- It is a very important signal from the government and the parties in Parliament that they are now ready to act and stimulate our economy and encourage our national economy from now on. In this connection, it is natural to review how we can tackle the good and sensible investments in a.o. the green transition that we need to carry out, says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.