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Meeting with the Danish Minister of Defense

September 28, 2020 FAD and the Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen, met up for an interesting talk about the defence industry.

Foto: LinkedIn - Danish Ministry of Defence

An introduction to FAD 

This Monday, the Minister of Defense and FAD gathered around their screens in each their meeting room for a virtual Teams meeting. Even though a physical meeting would had been preferred, the virtual meeting went well - after all we are gradually becoming well acquainted with these online meetings. 

Subjects throughout the meeting

It was important for FAD to highlight, how the industry works and what kind of role we play in that connection - and why we are important. Because of that a  visualization of how the original equipment manufacturers, the defense industry, and the defense itself   work together was presented. Additionally, it was elaborated on how the three components above jointly create workplaces, export, and at the same time support Danish security interests. 

Furthermore, the cyber area and the green transition were two subjects, that were consistent throughout the meeting. Here, ideas and thoughts were shared and overall the meeting was a success. 

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