Industry group dedicated to all companies supplying products or services to the military or civilian aerospace industry.

The Danish aerospace industry is providing high tech products and services on the global market. FAD Air is the national network for these companies bringing together aerospace experts from all over Denmark in various activities around the world with the aim of developing the industry. The military activities of FAD Air are wide spread but focused upon the airborne systems in the Royal Danish Air Force e.g. the Seahawk helicopter or the next generation of fighter aircraft; F-35.

For a full list of the capacities in the air force please click here.

The civilian activities are in many cases linked to the military since companies, technology and people often transcend between the two parts of the aerospace industry. FAD Air is open for all members of FAD and selected experts from government or academia. Please contact the secretariat for further information.

Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee

Michael Rasmussen
Director, Business Development

Søren E. Petersen
Vice President 
Scandinavian Avionics

Morten Billing
Director Marketing and Sales, Air Domain
Saab Danmark

Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen
Senior Vice President

Frank Bill

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