Gatehouse provides knowledge and clarity in a complex world

Specialized within logistics, maritime AIS and satellite communications, Gatehouse Group delivers software solutions that enables new possibilities and transparency in complex constellations

Both the logistics industry and the maritime sector have increasing needs of knowing the exact movements and situations concerning their assets to ensure efficient businesses and transparent flows of goods. Transparency is a cornerstone in the ongoing digitalization of companies into Industry 4.0. Many new possibilities emerge and the level of insights into business processes is taken to a whole new level. And exactly enabling such insights and transparency is what some of GateHouse Groups solutions are used for. Founder and CEO Michael Bondo Andersen elaborates on the data services to the logistics industry: - Large logistic companies and their customers are sometimes depending on hundreds of transportation providers and there is a growing need to know where they are and when they will arrive to their destination. Gatehouse Logistics has developed a software platform which integrates tracking systems from all these transportation providers into one unified data stream. The platform visualizes all relevant information about status of ongoing transports in a single user friendly view.  

Unification and data security is key

GateHouse is able to provide such service because the company has developed a unique platform which enables unification of information from hundreds of units. With a sole focus on software GateHouse is a neutral and independent player in the market.
- This also enables integration of data from competing companies and for that reason our data security is in top and data is always handled with the highest level of discretion. For these reasons GateHouse find our customers among some of the world’s biggest companies in both logistics supply and demand, CEO Michael Bondo Andersen adds.  

Maritime domain awareness

In the maritime sector GateHouse Maritime is developing and implementing complex maritime tracking solutions and best-in-class tools for customers all around the globe. That includes coastal & offshore surveillance, port management and risk analysis and GateHouse is a pioneer in AIS tracking, keeping an eye on more than 200.000 units every day. Also in the maritime sector transparency and efficiency is an increasing demand that opens new possibilities and sets new requirements to the collecting, treatment and sharing of data.

Gatehouse Logistics has developed a platform which integrates and unifies tracking data across all different telematics systems to deliver a total overview of a company's total fleet.

Satellite communication

GateHouse Telecom is experts within communication software, providing communication tools for satellite terminal manufactures and through the company’s own test tools and services, GateHouse Telecom is specialists in verification and validation. On the basis of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of communications infrastructure and platforms GateHouse Telecom also offers consultancy services within telecommunication.  

Great opportunities ahead

Looking ahead the GateHouse Group CEO Michael Bondo Andersen eyes great opportunities: - The global market gets increasingly complex and for that reason the need for efficiency and transparency increases across companies, technologies and platforms. We are an experienced partner and leading within several of our niche areas and there is no doubt that we look forward to the many opportunities we see in a large range of industries where digitalization and Industry 4.0 is emerging.  

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