Defence Industry Seminar in Nuuk

May 16, 2024, a special Defence Industry Seminar will take place in Nuuk. Join us for an exciting event with interesting conference topics and business networking.

Defence Industry Seminar: 16 May, 2024

As a natural and separate extension of Future Greenland DI Danish Defence and Security Industries is organizing a special Defence Industry Seminar on May 16.

DI Danish Defence and Security Industries have a long-standing tradition making this event, with the aim to promote business relations and opportunities for cooperation between Denmark, Greenland, and close partners among our allies. There will be presentations from both Danish and Greenlandic companies as well as relevant actors from e.g. Greenland, Denmark, USA, and Canada. The seminar will focus on the following topics:

  • Theme 1: A new Arctic reality and a new focus on partnerships and development
  • Theme 2: Defence focus on the Arctic in the light of the new Danish defence agreement
  • Theme 3: Security, logistics and collaboration
  • Theme 4: Infrastructure under extreme conditions

In other words, the seminar will present a frame for knowledge sharing as well as a unique opportunity to create and maintain network, at a crucial time in the political and industrial development of the Arctic.

Practical information

Hotel and travelling
The seminar will take place at Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk. For those who need hotel accommodation, pre-bookings for different rooms have been made with the Hotel Hans Egede and HHE Express Hotel. You must make the booking yourself for the days you need, and at your own expense. We can hold this prebooking until 13 March 2024 or until they are sold out.

You will receive further information regarding the hotel booking upon registration. 

For those who need to fly to Nuuk. This is also at your own expense and responsibility. There are usually variations as for when participants will arrive and leave Nuuk, as well as where participants come from. The prices for plane tickets to Nuuk can likewise vary. For these reasons we let you book individually. If you wish to have a travel agency arrange your travels we recommend you to contact Greenland Travel Kontakt os - Greenland Travel DK (greenland-travel.dk) on erhvervcph@greenland-travel.dk. 

There will be many people in Nuuk the week of the seminar. As such hotel rooms and flights will quickly be sold out. We can therefore highly recommend that you register for the seminar and book your flight ticket and hotel room as soon as possible.

Informal reception May 15 and dinner May 16
We will open the seminar on the evening of May 15 with drinks, snacks, and the opportunity to meet and network with the other participants. The seminar on May 16 will finish with a joint dinner at the hotel. Everything is included in the price.

It is possible for 20 companies to book an exhibition spot at the seminar where there will be a low table and space for a roll-up. The exhibition will be a chance for general exposure and a networking spot during break and lunch. You can register for the Defence Industry Seminar and book an exhibition spot to the right.


Participant sponsor
We usually see a big interest for this event and want to attract as many different Greenlandic organizations, NGO's, students and stakeholders as possible. Some of those who want to join unfortunately haven’t got the funds to pay the fee.

Therefore we would like to offer participating companies the chance of sponsoring tickets to the conference, which we will use to offer students, NGO's and others eligible for a sponsored participation. Any sponsored ticket will be distributed to applicants leading up to the conference.

Participants who receive a sponsored ticket will be informed which company who have sponsored their participation. Furthermore any sponsor company will be named on our event website and mentioned at the opening of the event.

Price: DKK 4,000 excl. VAT pr. sponsored ticket.

Further information regarding Future Greenland: May 14-15, 2024
Greenland’s Largest Business Conference

Future Greenland is a large two-day business conference that attracts a broad circle of social stakeholders, businesses, politicians from the Government and the municipalities, civil servants, students, and others. Participants from Canada, the USA, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scandinavia, and other countries will attend.

This year’s conference program offers a wide range of presentations from political decision-makers to the private business community. On the second day of the conference DI Danish Defence and Security Industries will be part of a 1,5 hour side event regarding defence.

We can highly recommend that you also sign up separately for Future Greenland. Sign up here. (Remember Future Greenland 14-15 May is a separate event so you need to register both to our event 16 May and Future Greenland 14-15 May, if you wish to join both events).

The programme for the Defence Industry Seminar:


    • (May 15): 20.00-22.00 Networking, drinks and snacks

    • 08.30-09.00 Registration and networking

    • 09.00-09.15 Welcome to Arctic Defence Seminar 2024

      Development, future, prosperity

    • 09.15-09.20 Introduction: topics and themes

      Julie Rademacher, Moderator, Owner of Pilu Consult

    • Theme 1: A new Arctic reality and a new focus on partnerships and development

    • 9.20-09.40 High North - Low tension or new realities for the local communities

      Mads Qvist Frederiksen, Executive director, Arctic Economic Council (AEC)

    • 09.40-10.00 Reassembling the Arctic Puzzle after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

      Peter Wilhelm Linde, Representative in Greenland, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • 10.00-10.20 Crucial aspects for cooperation with Greenland

      Aaja Chemnitz, Politician and Member of the Folketing, Inuit Ataqatigiit

    • 10.20-10.40 Joining Forces in the Arctic

      Inussuk A/S servicing Pituffik Space Base

    • 10.40-11.00 Break and networking

    • Theme 2: Defence focus on the Arctic in the light of the new Danish defence agreement

    • 11.00-11.30 Procurement needs of the Danish Defence in the coming years

      Lieutenant General Kim Jesper Jørgensen, Commander and National Armaments Director, Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO)

    • 11.30-12.00 Perspectives on partnerships concerning new buildings and infrastructure in the Arctic the coming years

      Henrik Sørensen, Head of Building and Infrastructure Division, The Danish Ministry of Defence Estate Agency (MDEA)

    • 12.00-13.00 Lunch and networking

    • Theme 3: Security, logistics and collaboration

    • 13.00-13.30 Development and future for industry, defence and security in Kangerlussuaq

      Laust Løgstrup, Project Director, Qeqqata Municipality Kangerlussuaq

    • 13.30-14.00 Joint Arctic Command in a new Arctic reality

      Major General Søren Andersen, Commander of the Danish Joint Arctic Command

    • 14.00-14.30 New perspectives on security and collaboration in the Arctic

      Shane Sadoway, Director of Navigational Programs and Operations, The Canadian Coast Guard

    • 14.30-15.00 Coffee break and networking

    • Theme 4: Infrastructure under extreme conditions

    • 15.00-15.30 Testing for Arctic Operations – Pushing the Extremes

      Inooraq Brandt, CEO, Rambøll Greenland A/S

    • 15.30-16.00 The Future is Autonomous - Critical Underwater Infrastructure Monitoring in the Arctic

      Lars Munk, Business Development Manager, Teledyne Marine

    • 16.00-16.20 Nuuk Harbour, expansion and development – 2024-2026

      John Rasmussen, CEO, Nuuk Harbour

    • 16.20-16.40 Future challenges and opportunities working with communication

      Jonas Hasselriis, COO, Tusass

    • 16.40-17.00 Wrap up

      Julie Rademacher, Moderator, Owner of Pilu Consult

    • 19.00 Dinner at Hotel Hans Egede