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AI in Europe – how to prepare for the new AI Act?

DI Digital invites you to a webinar on the new EU regulation – the AI Act - concerning the development and use of artificial intelligence, which will soon become relevant for many businesses. The new regulation entails heightened company requirements, including risk assessment and reporting to authorities.

The legal requirements of the AI Act will cover many stakeholders, including exporters, distributors, developers, and users. This means that the involved stakeholders must comply with a set of requirements when developing and using AI, leading to many businesses being subject to the regulation. The rules were agreed upon on December 9, 2023, and are expected to be approved in early 2024.

During the webinar, leading stakeholders will present the overall framework and discuss what companies need to pay special attention to to comply with the AI Act rules. DI Digital will also explain how they work with the AI Act and introduce new AI guidance to assist companies in this field going forward.

The target audience for the webinar is management and IT professionals in the companies.


10.30: Introduction by Mette Finnemann, Senior Adviser, DI Digital Policy

10.35: New regulation on development and use of AI in Europe – insights from the Danish Ministry of Digital Government and Gender Equality

10.55: Guidance for getting the AI Act right – direction from Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Partner, Bird&Bird

11.20: DI's new online AI universe – introduction by Henrik Fabrin, responsible for DI's AI membership offerings

11.25: Webinar concludes

Mette Finnemann

Mette Finnemann