Webinar: Elevate your digitization with the use of space data

Join DI Digital and Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science webinar on utilization of space data and infrastructure in relation to the digitalization and green transition

The digital evolution is based on data from a long list of various sources. One of these sources is satellites – a source that will only increase in usability and commercial significance in the coming years.

Satellites, delivering both space data and infrastructure, are increasingly contributing to several sectors within digitalization and green transition. Some of these sectors are:

  • Transport and logistics, where navigation data can contribute with both financial and CO2 savings.
  • Cities, where space data and infrastructure is a vital part of the smart city movement, for instance through monitoring buildings and the use of infrastructure.
  • Agriculture and environment, where earth observation data can support farmland as well as offshore wind farms and telecommunication satellites can secure connectivity to remote locations.

These sectors and topics will be the focus at this webinar, introducing the participants to the far-reaching use of space data in your digitalization. The webinar will elaborate on how Danish companies and authorities can utilize space data – both through contributing to already existing solutions and technologies as well as through completely new commercial and management possibilities.

This webinar will consist of two parts: Firstly, the European Space Agency (ESA) will introduce how they can help you utilize space data and infrastructure in your digitalization and green transition as well as they will provide relevant European cases of the usage of space. 

Secondly, Danish companies will present how they utilize space data and infrastructure in their solutions, and how these solutions affect the digitalization and green transition. Read more about the companies below.

This webinar is relevant for companies and authorities operating within the mentioned sectors and are interested in taking their digitalization and green transition to new heights.

This webinar will be in English.


Read about how ESA support the commercialization of space solutions here: https://business.esa.int/


The picture above shows the space instrument ASIM (The Atmosphere Space Interactions Monitor), which is attached to the International Space Station (ISS). ASIM monitors electric events from lightning at high altitudes, contributing to our knowledge about Earths climate. ASIM is an ESA project, which was built by the Danish company Terma and is managed by DTU Space.