Pricing for your finance department

Get in control of prices and discounts! The discipline of working with pricing requires an infrastructure to facilitate discounts and pricing policy. The quality of infrastructure directly affects command and control of discounts, and the ability to protect margins and meeting targets.

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The webinar starts:

29.05.2024 09:00

Configure, Price, Quotation-modules (CPQ) are regarded by Dansk Industri’s pricing network to be best practice when it comes to managing discounts, and is part of all major CRM systems, Salesforce, Dynamics365 and Vendavo.

NORTH Consulting is a Danish consultancy company that specializes in Price execution and CPQ implementation, and has extensive experience with both technical and business solutions in relation to CPQ. North is presenting both concept and case of CPQ in action, with a focus on pricing and discount control.

Use a pricing execution tool to gain end-2-end transparency and reduce revenue leakage

  • Why pricing?
  • How to use CPQ to reduce double dipping on discounts (including demo)
  • What it takes to implement CPQ
  • Tips for getting started

Target group for the webinar:

  • CFO’s
  • Finance Managers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Mainly targeted towards larger companies (200+ Employees)
  • The webinar will be held in English.


NORTH is a top-tier management consulting company. We help global companies digitally transform their commercial business from initial strategy to final implementation. We excel at working at the intersection between strategy, operating models, design, and implementation – and technology is always an integrated part of any solution.

Runar Standal

Partner and Co-founder, North Consulting


Cecilie brings extensive experience in advising and driving projects within commercial excellence and operating model design from strategy to implementation.

Cecilie Holm-Svendsen

Associate Partner, North Consulting


Patrick beskæftiger sig indgående med pricing disciplinen i Danmark og har derfor en bred indsigt i hvordan virksomheder arbejder med prissætning. Patrick har også været en vigtig partner til at få DI's pricing netværk op at køre.

Patrick Borup

Regional Pricing Manager, Linde Gas